Leacock/Godwin Family Newsletter

Fam First

Family is a place!

We all desire a place where we are to share our true feelings and authenticity is practiced again and again until it becomes second nature. This is also a place where differences are not tolerated but celebrated and respected and being courteous to one another is paramount. Family is a place where we are encouraged to grow spiritually and we have mutual understanding to this end. We spend time with one another, getting to know each other in intimate way and allowing the gift of hospitality to flow and encapsulate us. Family is a place where we are supported in our purpose and are accepted, despite our weaknesses. It is a divine place of unity into which we find ourselves according to God's purposes. Let us throw away all other understanding that come against and threaten this place. It is the uniqueness of our diverse talents and gifts that heaven is rejoicing over us. Let us join and continue to meet in that place...of Family.

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Barnes!!!

Love Wins!!!

To my dear cousin,

You go girl!!!! The joy of your special day still surrounds me and makes me try to sing as Kayla did! You have a beautiful spirit to accompany your beautiful heart and soul and what a treat for God to give you away to man who knows that. What beautiful words of encouragement your Joshua spoke over you at your nuptials. They will forever ring through the annals of time and space as heaven has taken note of his precious heart for Uncle Gus and Aunt Roz' baby girl. Thank you for including us all in what God is doing in your lives and ministry. We celebrate with you both and look forward to with eager anticipation for the fruitfulness of your union. You've been blessed to be a blessing, first to God Himself and to others around you both. God says in His word that He brought you together because He was looking for godly offspring (Malachi 2:15). A generation yet born will come to praise God for what He has done for our family by bringing you and Joshua together. God's love wins.

Next family gatherings....

This newsletter has an intended purpose to keep our family in the loop and provide information on what's going on in our lives. There is a movement that has begun of taking time out and coming together for food, family and fun. This movement is gaining momentum. I would like keep this momentum up having family news and special events sent to me so they can be included in the family newsletter. Pictures are an absolute must! So send me what you have and I will gladly incorporate this into our newsletter so everyone is keeping up with the blessings that our family is known for giving and receiving. Let this pipeline continue. We are finishing this year with joy and laughter as Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years is calling us to attention. What are your plans for our next family gathering? Let us know! Please take note that the Yombas will be hosting our next family event on Saturday, January 16, 2016. Please make sure to clear your calendars and prepare yourselves for hospitality from heaven as it is our good pleasure to serve our family.