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Choosing Your Weddings Receptions in Lexington KY!

Your Weddings Receptions in Lexington KY is the first party hosted by you as a married couple. It's also a way to mix and mingle with everyone that you want to share in your joy and a great way to have some fun and let off some steam from all the stress of putting your wedding together. Although so many things are going on at the reception, everyone you invite will expect to have food and drink. To pick a menu that is tasty, appetizing and within your budget you need to consider several things.

What time of day will you be having your reception?

Saturday weddings followed by a full course meal are still very popular and traditional. However, many weddings these days are held early in the day to either accommodate getting the desired Weddings Receptions in Lexington KY date or to have a beautiful outdoor wedding before the heat of the day sets in. You can serve brunch which is also a cheaper alternative than a full course sit-down dinner. Late afternoon weddings can be followed by a cocktail hour with heavy hors d'oeuvres. Early afternoon/late morning weddings can have a punch and finger sandwich type of reception.

What kind of food do you like?

Let that be a starting point for the types of food you will consider. Are you a foodie with an adventurous palate? Do you like comfort foods? Are there traditional ethnic foods you would like to include? Are healthy food choices or organic foods something you want? Would you like a theme? Italian? French? Luau?

Consider your guests and their needs.

Does anyone attending have any food allergies? The most common food allergies are to seafood, nuts, milk and eggs so you may want to avoid these altogether. A great way to avoid any problems is to offer a variety of foods or at least two different main courses if you're serving a full meal. If you will have a lot of kids there, you may want to have a kid friendly meal/food option as well.

What does your caterer offer?

This will likely be the biggest influence on your choice of foods at the reception. Many have a variety of menus already available. However, find a Weddings Receptions in Lexington KY that will have some flexibility in putting together a menu that you want. If they're not willing to incorporate your unique tastes, then move on to another caterer.

Sit-down service vs. buffet.

Sit-down service is elegant. It is also the most expensive choice. Not only are menu options more limited, but more staff is needed by the caterer to properly take care of your guests. Buffet allows for more food choices and a bit more relaxed atmosphere. An alternative that combines the best of both is the family style reception. Guests are still seated and served. However, the food is brought to the table on platters for the guests to pass the plates and serve themselves.

Having a variety of food, considering your tastes and your guest’s dietary needs will help guide you to picking out a menu that is palate pleasing. Keep in mind that the focus of the Weddings Receptions is not on the food, but to celebrate the beginning of your married life.