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Lee's Lingo

I had the pleasure of seeing some of our students this week outside the classroom setting and on the court/field. As a former coach, I really believe you can become more of a complete person by challenging yourself to try new activities no matter if it's sports, music, art, or a club. As the year progresses, I encourage our students to get out of their comfort zones and try new activities. I look forward to seeing more of our students in these situations as the year goes on.

The football and volleyball teams both had home games this week. The 7th grade girls have been working really hard on their volleyball skills. The team spirit created among the girls in such a short period of time is inspiring. This was very evident in the game on Wednesday night. They encouraged each other every step of the way. Among the players who are doing an amazing job are Paige Muelhbrand, with her over-hand serves that are so powerful and well executed, Maya Mesner, Chaela Brooks, Gianna Jaden, Kaleigh Elderkin, and Hannah Hacker.

The 8th grade girls had an exciting match vs. Roseville on Wednesday that came down to the last point. They showed heart and determination as the game see-sawed back and forth. Harmony Turner had a strong serve game as she served 7 points in a row. She couldn’t have done this without great support from her teammates!

Lastly, I would like to take the time to give a shout out to our coaches: Mr. Borja, Mr. Zmija, Mr. O’donnell, Mr. Ameye, Mr. Rocheleau, and Ms. Gjelaj. They sacrifice time with their family to teach our kids lessons of the game and life. I would just like to say thank you for what you do and it does not go unnoticed.

Go Colts!!!!

Thank you!

Thank you for helping us have a successful Count Day on October 3rd. As many of you know, this is how we obtain funding for our students throughout the year. Every student was verified in our attendance system thanks to the great work of our office team. If you get a chance to thank Joyce Frankowski, Maureen Kay, and Sarah Stepnitz, please do so! They are the reason our school runs so effectively and efficiently.

We also want to thank the many Booster Club volunteers that assisted with the Carleton Shuffle. We had great music, water, snacks, and beautiful weather for our fun run on Thursday. Now comes the busy work of compiling all of the donations and getting students their t-shirts and other prizes.

Parking Lot


Based on our observations and that of our local law enforcement, here are a few recommendations to help make Carleton's parking lot a safe and efficient environment.

1. Please stay in your car so that you are able to pull your car all the way forward. This avoids back-ups onto 15 Mile Road and allows our buses to enter the bus loop. It only takes one person to stop midway in the drop-off loop with a green light behind them for things to back up.

2. Door 12 (the southern most door in the drop-off lane) is the best door for students to enter the building. No matter where their lockers are, they can always walk in the building and get to where they need to be.

3. Have your son or daughter ready to get out of the car when it comes to a stop. Students collecting their belongings when being dropped off cause a significant backup.

4. Please be aware of students darting in-between vehicles as you are driving through the parking lot. Drive slowly enough that allows you enough time to react to a situation.

5. As parents, we are constantly modeling and setting the example for our children in all situations, especially when we deal with frustrating circumstances. Please be a positive role model for all of our students who will be behind the wheel before you know it!

Events for Your Calendar

October 8 - Home Volleyball Game

October 11 - Sports Team Pictures

October 12 - Half Day (dismissal at 11am)

October 15 - Home Volleyball Game

October 16 - Home Football Game

October 16 - Booster Club Meeting (6pm in Media Center)

October 17 - Home Volleyball Game