The Patrick Henry Post

March 3rd, 2022

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March is Women's History Month!

As we turn the corner from Winter to Spring, we welcome a new month of learning and celebration for Women's History Month! In 1987, Women's History Month became a nationally recognized celebration throughout the entire month of March in order to recognize, celebrate, and honor women who paved the way for equality, equity, and access for all women.

Take a look below for resources for teaching our children about the powerful history of women, and how many generations have fought for women to have the freedoms they enjoy today.

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Leadership Team Updates

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This week, our Patrick Henry Post highlights updates from our Leadership Team members. This includes our School Counselor, our Family and Community Specialist, our Dean of Students, and our Academic Instructional Coach. This team of staff members work tirelessly to make sure the school runs smoothly - they take care of students, staff, parents, and community partners to meet the needs of all of our stakeholders!

See below for some exciting things that are happening behind the scenes at Patrick Henry.

From the Desk of Ms. Gregory

My job is to provide SEL (Social and Emotional) Lessons to our students in the classroom. The goal is to provide our students with the opportunity to build positive relationships amongst peers, to understand how their brain works with their emotions and how they learn. I lead small groups to help our students more in depth with positive peer relationships, conflict resolution, grief and more. I also oversee the Afterschool Program for Patrick Henry. In the program, all participating students are provided with a meal and snack, homework help/tutoring and recreational time.

From the Desk of Ms. Webb

Hi Families! For the month of February only, we have partnered with World's Finest Chocolate fundraising. Fun Fact: this is the first fundraiser Patrick Henry has done since 2018. I am so thankful for this opportunity that has given our students and their families to help Patrick Henry raise money for teacher supplies, student incentives, and to help increase family engagement. Thank you, families, for continuing to support your children and supporting Patrick Henry staff to build a better community.

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From the Desk of Ms. Jones

As the Dean of Students, I have been supporting students and teachers with any behavior concerns. I also manage and maintain our school's behavior tracker. This semester I am really trying hard to promote a positive learning environment. I am working towards that by always using positive language with the students and providing them with incentives based on their behavior. I am also the Technology Inventory Coordinator (TIC); I have been working with teachers to troubleshoot any technology issues. I look forward to continuing to support students and staff for the rest of the school year!

From the Desk of Ms. Smith

I have been working with our teachers to incorporate checks for understanding (CFU) into their lessons. CFUs allow teachers to determine how to tailor their lessons to meet the needs of all their students. In addition to assessing student understanding at the end of the lesson, we have started incorporating CFUs in the middle of the lesson after guided practice. This allows our teachers to look at real-time data to determine whether students understand the lesson objective. Teachers can then take immediate action if a student is unsuccessful at first. Using technology, we have been learning exciting, engaging ways to incorporate CFUs into our lessons. Our students have been having fun using apps on the iPad, such as Kahoot, Padlet, NearPod, and more!

From the Desk of Dr. Rogers

As we approach our final quarter of the school year, I have to reflect on all the amazing things that have happened this year already. We held our first family dance just before Winter Break, and welcomed over 200 people into our gym for a night of great food and even better dancing. We were recognized as one of America's Healthiest Schools and a Missouri Green School for our efforts in the garden and throughout the school to promote physical, mental, emotional, and environmental health. We grew exponentially in reading and math across every single class in every single grade level. We welcomed new families and we solidified our relationships with our returning families. We trained new staff and we encouraged our returning staff through professional development, staff events, and appreciation days. As I look ahead to our last few months, I am so excited to celebrate our students' academic achievements and their personal growth!
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An Update from Ms. Jami's 3rd Graders

Multiplication Mayhem

Ms. Jami's third graders have been taking multiplication by STORM over the last several weeks! Students have been practicing their multiplication tables and then quizzing themselves daily to see how high they can go with their mental math facts. Even the staff has caught the excitement, and several teachers have joined Ms. Jami's students in the excitement! Stay tuned for more hype from 3rd grade soon!

Perfect Attendance Celebration

This week, we celebrated all of our students who had perfect attendance the month of February. Congrats to the following students:

Terriona B.

La'Niya D.

Deonte J.

Lauren W.

Monty A.

David B.

Lynette B.

Cherish B.

Heaven G.

Aiden P.

Dshaun S.

Anthony C.

Kayla C.

Andrew H.

Dekayla M.

Phlaysia R.

Damarious S.

Da'Corey E.

Geremih P.

Mia R.

Jersey B.

Von H.

Andrew M.

D'Mari S.

Aiden B-D.

Jermaine J.

Ava W.

Nova Y.

Bryson T.

Malik A.

Zyaihre J-E.

Da'Mya S.

Dakota B.

Kadence H.

Zuri W.

Bayleah P.

Justina T.

Katherine W.

Averie B-D.

Jayden C.

Jesus R.

Zorian S.

Knowledge D.

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Thank You, Kids Vision for Life!

Free Vision Screening at Patrick Henry

This week, all of our students went through a free vision screening through Kids Vision for Life St. Louis, an organization that partners with all of SLPS to make sure students receive vision services. The National Center for Children's Vision and Eye Health tell us how important vision screenings are for young children because it is so difficult for children to even know they have a vision issue! Kids Vision for Life St. Louis shared the following statistics:


Congrats, STAR Winners!

Stop by and Welcome Our New Secretary!

Ms. Sierra Spells

Ms. Sierra is a returning staff member of Patrick Henry - she started this school year as our Librarian Aide, but she has transitioned this week to our Secretary! Ms. Sierra brings her sunny disposition, positive attitude, and passion for education to the position, and we are so excited to have her in this very important role! Please stop by and introduce yourself to her.

P.S. - Ms. Sierra took her school photo on the same day as Pajama Day, so this photo represents her more whimsical side!

Upcoming Events at Patrick Henry

March 13th - March 16th: Afterschool Cancelled

Afterschool Parents, please note that we do not have Afterschool the week of March 13th because of Parent-Teacher Conferences. Please plan to pick your child up at normal dismissal time, 2:52pm-3:07pm. All students must be picked up by 3:07pm.

March 13th - March 16th: Parent-Teacher Conferences

Please contact your child's teacher to schedule your conference for the following days/times:

  • Monday, March 13th, 3:15-5:15pm
  • Tuesday, March 14th, 3:15-5:15pm
  • Wednesday, March 15th, 3:15-5:15pm
  • Thursday, March 16th, 3:15-3:45pm

March 17th: No School

There will be no school on Friday, March 17th. All SLPS schools will be closed.

March 20th - March 24th: Spring Break

All SLPS schools will be closed for Spring Break on March 20th - March 24th. School will reopen on Monday, March 27th.

March 31st: Field Trip for 2nd-5th Grade

All 2nd-5th graders will go on a walking field trip to the Gateway Arch. Students will not only get a tour of the new grounds and museum, but they will also travel all the way to the top of the Arch for a view of our beautiful city! Students will end the day with a Riverboat Cruise and they even get a free lunch while they are on the Mighty Mississippi. Parents! Please make sure you turn in your child's field trip permission slip and get your child to school on time so they do not miss out on this opportunity!