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Houston Zoo :: Lessons Learned

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Teamwork Disruption :: Is it me or them?

There are several ways teamwork can be disrupted for an individual and how that very same individual can disrupt teamwork for others. However, having greater awareness of this notion can lead to more productive meetings, successful collaborations and insightful dialogue.

Simply observe all six of the groups below. We asked participants to engaged in a team building exercise. Soon after the exercises concluded we asked them to share from their perspective how well their team collaborated. The response was positive even though only one team was able to complete the task. Then, we discussed the pictures of them working alongside each other. What teammates perceived as helpful with more reflection, they recognized that all hands on deck did not help them.

A lesson learned was that more time spent on planning would have yielded a winning outcome. Both the individual participant and teams equally learned that their own unmanaged tendencies could lead to teamwork disruption.

Houston Zoo :: Additional Reflection - Behavioral Changes (after experiencing a Self & Team Awareness session)

What has changed since our last session with E-Colors in Education?

In summary, individuals found that they were less critical of selves and others. They feel that they have an increased Emotional Intelligence. There is evidence of less reactive behaviors and pausing to consider other factors that might lead to a more appropriate responses.


  • I'm not as expressive or my decision making isn’t as quick and I now appreciate why [I might respond this way] and did not rush myself to make a decision (like during Zoo Lights)
  • This person is a 'red' and now I understand why he left out a few steps in the process.
  • We are filling three key roles in our team so I'm trying not to be so judgmental.


  • Told my family about this and what it meant then it became an everyday or all the time [calling out of] how I was responding or reacting to it or a situation [Liked being held accountable to behaviors by family]
  • I have to pause a lot to think about what I am going to say --- [higher self-awareness] --- can be abrasive


  • Looking at interactions and reactions to see who’s who and what’s what. If I’m not getting what I need i.e. reaction, assistance, feedback, I’m now finding another way to approach
  • Thinking about me and trying really hard to define my strengths and really use them and define my limiters and really improve them
  • Spotlight on E-Colors “Self-Challenge” Explained me to a "T"


  • There are other personality types and to pay more attention to communications
  • Recognized differences
  • Going to meetings, I watch and understand things better using E-Colors (awareness)
  • Would love to see E-Colors of whole team to apply
  • Realized I have really high standards… not a bad thing


  • Bring in outsider to facilitator [helped see] the bigger picture ---- as someone who takes on too much and commands action
  • Picked up momentum and challenged the supervisor to stand up and speak ---[consciously] taking a step back
  • Dealing with customers---changed some communications to be less directive and more probing
  • Would like for my immediate supervisor to know more about who I am within E-Colors and making my manager know (who was not part of E-Colors)

Mission & Vision

Mission: E-Colors in Education is a public charity that is dedicated to delivering valuable, authentic and mindful coaching, as well as personal and professional development to every school in every nation.

Vision: Positively influencing every student, parent, educator and collaborator to become effective communicators, intentional leaders and caring citizens