Ulysses s. Grant

By Daniel Reid

The Life of Ulyesses Grant

The Life of Ulysses Grant

The year is 1868, Ulysses Grant has his fingers crossed, the votes are in

Grant was born in April 27 1822,Ohio and lived George Town. He grew up and became a politician, a solider ,a military officer,and the 18th president. He grew up with 5 siblings 3 sisters and 2 brothers. He later in 1840 went to the army . He was assigned to infantry at the Jefferson barracks. Than he got kicked out of the army for smoking so much and drinking , he often was seen with sugar stains on his shirt. later Grant fell in love with Julia Dent,Frederick Dent's sister. Then they rehired him into the war now he was Lincoln's right hand man in war. Lincoln had great pride in Grant. The year is 1865, April 15,Lincoln and his wife are going to a play . So Lincoln invites Grant and Julia , but Lincoln's wife and Julia did not like each other so Grant skipped. Later on that day Lincoln was murdered while watching the play, his murder was going after Grant but went for Lincoln according to Lincoln biography . Later on Lincoln was replaced with Andrew Jackson . Three years later Grant was elected. On July 23 , 1885 he die of cancer in the larynx from smoking so much sugars.