Freshman Integration

Integration can help make your transition so much easier!

Join clubs and participate in all activities that interest you

Dr. Brian Harke wrote, "students who are more connected to the college community are
more likely to persist and graduate." Being happy with your school is a great way to feel more connected and motivated. Joining clubs and activities is also a great way to meet people.Chico State sends many choices each moth. They are posted in all the public places and all students are sent an email a few times a month with all the things going on at the school.

Visit your professors during your office hours.

A good way to feel comfortable in your classes and with your professors is to simply get to know them on a quick visit bases. Sometimes a big class with new professor your not used to can be scary. Visiting them can make you feel more comfortable with asking questions you have, or getting help with material.

Get Connected

If you’re feeling alone and unhappy at your new college , you're not the only one that has

felt this way. Getting connected with your school with clubs, activities and getting out of your comfort zone can only help you, its a great way to meet new friends and explore your new community. Getting to know your teachers can make your academics here much better. Its good to feel comfortable with your professors and make relationships with them. Don’t give up and add on to the 25 percent rate of freshman dropping out.