Book Project


Cause/Effect of Textual Elements

Since Will's friend was not in the condition to escape he had to be left behind which worried Will and he didn't leave the river side because he did not want to go leave him behind which delayed the information getting to the others. Since Will was forced to kill his master which was about to kill him by Will running away left his friend with the problem of making a coverup so then he can escape also.

Theme or Central Idea

The Central Idea was to try and not give up despite the hardships. Even though that they were not in the condition to do what they need to do they did it anyway knowing that if they succeed they can stop the aliens and free the human race. They knew their goal and what they had to do so they did it.

Objective summary

In the begging the Protagonist Will is one of the three chosen to infiltrate an alien overlord city. Him and one other made it past the olympic type contest to get into the city as slaves for the alien masters. since all humans have caps it is an honor but not for him and the others that hide in the mountains which is to cold for the aliens. Will and one other make they go in and are chosen by their masters. Later Will's master becomes very fond of him meanwhile the other is very abusive. They get the information they need and escape the alien city and relay the info back to the mountains so they can make a force strong enough to destroy the aliens.