Benjaimain Franklin

By: Ellie Micheals

Benjamin Franklin was a Survivor Hero. Franklin lived a very interesting life. He was the man who discovered electricity. Franklin was first a scientist that's how he discovered electricity. Franklin soon met up with a street performer, he soon saw Franklin's great discovery then used it for a performance called "The Dangling Boy" when he used static from the electricity to make the boy hair to go up. Franklin soon discovered that he discovery got popular, so he went to Philadelphia to see more about his discovery. When he was in Philadelphia he became a democrat for France which meant he had to lead them in the Revolutionary War.

The characteristics that Franklin showed was......

- Perseverance

- Courageous


The ways Franklin showed perseverance where....

- He never gave up on his country for the Revolutionary War. No matter how hard it was.

-Franklin never gave up on his discovery of electricity, even though he it was getting difficult for him and he was thinking to give up but he still kept going.

- Franklin also showed perseverance by never giving up on his country of France. And never giving up on the agreements for it.

Franklin also showed courage

- Franklin showed courage by going through many obstacles in his life.

- For example he had to go to sea to get to where he needed to go. Like France a Philadelphia.

- He also had to do many things for his discovery on electricity. For example he had to do many experiments on his discovery.

The other characteristic he showed was Leadership.
- He showed leadership by leading his country in the Revolutionary War. Like he had to make amendments for the war.

- He was also a senator in Sweden and he had to lead that country.

Franklin was a survivor hero

- He survived many things in his life, like he had to go to sea to sea for his country and the states he had to go to the state he needed to go, and it was very difficult back then to sail.

- He also had to go through a lot things to do his experiments. even though he made it through all of it, it was still hard.

Franklin influenced history by...
- Discovery of electricity

- Making agreements for the Revolutionary War

- And by changing other people's lives. Like he met these people in England he became really good friends with. And changed there lives.