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How to Determine Whether a SEO Agency is Legit?

You should work only with a legitimate SEO agency in order to get White Hat services. Find out how to know which business is legit.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization services can bring utmost attention to whatever your business offers, whether it comes to social pages, blogs, websites, services or products. SEO, when offered properly, can boost the rankings of your website on the search engine results pages, and let your business beat competition. Get some useful tips on how to determine whether or not a Low Cost SEO Toronto agency is legit.

Find out whether it is certified

Demand to see a copy of the certification of the SEO service provider, so as to be able to know whether it sticks to the Google Webmaster guidelines and other standards. Make sure that it has a valid certificate. Find out whether the specialists are experienced enough when it comes to providing clients with the best SEO services, and are capable of handling your requirements properly.

Look at its portfolio

Ask about which types of businesses the Cost Effective SEO Toronto Company has served and benefitted. Check the portfolio of the company and determine whether it has handled the SEO requirements of companies in your type of industry. Get an idea about the kind of blogs and websites the company has handled, and whether they have been similar to your business. Find out whether the results have been good for those businesses as well. Demand to see the links to other clients’ sites that the agency has worked on, and get referrals.

Check the local rankings

Find out whether the SEO Company has good local rankings for its own business on the SERPs of Google and other search engines. Find out whether the company itself ranks in the first pages of search engine results pages of Google, Yahoo, Bing etc when you search for its brand name on these platforms. You have to know whether it has a wonderful presence on Twitter, Google+, Facebook and other sites. Determine whether its page on Facebook has got rankings on the first page itself. Also check whether its logo is also there in the image search results.

Know about the clients’ feedbacks and responses

It is another important thing to do. Speak to some of the previous customers of the agency, and find out whether they have good things to say about the results offered by the company, its SEO methods, pricing etc. Know whether the clients have got the kind of results and rankings on the search engine results pages of their choice.