The city with the best Islands and landscapes in the world

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What´s the city like?

It is located in the Caribbean Sea in the western sector, san andres has a small population but its beaches are the more large, it is a clean and safe city, characterized by the tourism because the island is very beautiful and quiet.



  • INSTRUMENTS: These are the instruments which used for celebrations, as the guitar, maracas, mandolin, accordion characteristic of the musical groups of the island.
  • TYPICAL FOOD: The crab and beans soup is the food that more is sold, but which is the best? Crab soup is preferred because the crab is a very exotic animal mainly in the town in which are.
  • WOOD: The use of wood in the manufacture of handcrafted artifacts which helps to have a contact with the jungle. It facilitates the production of objects for everyday life and in the manufacture of masks and musical instruments.
  • COCONUT PRODUCTS: The coconut is used to produce different types of artifacts that serve for the House decoration or as personal items, it also has other uses

Important Festivals

The Green Moon Festival

There is a festival presenting musical groups from countries such as Jamaica and Haiti. It is an expression of the culture of this region of the Caribbean. When it is celebrated in the month of September each year and lasts three days. Between the 14th(Fourth) and the 16th(sixth) of that month. lectures on music, screenings of documentaries, samples of typical dances are held.

Festival Bill & Mary

These are popular when 34 (Thirty-four) boys and girl, is conducted every year during the month of November during the first Friday, Saturday and Sunday and was created by the spouses William Newball and Mary Abrahams;

Crab Festival

These are days characteristic of san Andrés, as the Islanders prepare various dishes based on the crab, as (rice with crab, cakes, snacks, bottles and cakes) which is accompanied by rhythms and dances afroislenos that liven up the celebrations in which virtues gastronomic prepared with this dish are the center of the celebration.

Important People

Simón González Restrepo (1931 - 2003)

This is the person who was three times was Governor of San Andres and Providencia, two by presidential appointment and one by popular election. He made improvements in public services and also favored tourism and cultural activities.

Lolia Pomare (1956 - )

This person has been promoter of culture in the governorate of San Andres, where also has been teaching. who has devoted many years to the study of the traditions of the archipelago and performs for more than ten years 'Tradition and culture with Lollia' radio program.


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Go from Sandwich Qbano to the hotel:

walk two go down blocks , then turn right, walk two blocks and turn the corner on the right and walk go up one block and turn left and the hotel is located on the corner

Hotel decameron isleño

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Countable - Uncountable


  • How many chairs are there?

R// there are a lot chairs

  • How many pools are there?

R// there is one pool

  • How many palms are there?

R// there are a lot palms


  • How much water is there?

R// there is a lot water

  • How much grass is there?

R// there is some grass

  • How much sand is there?

R// there is a lot sand


  • How much is the room per day?

R// it is sixty euros

it is seventy pounds, forty-three pence

it is eighty dollars

  • How much is a glass of lemonade?
R// it is fifteen euros

it is ten pounds

it is seven dollars