Fearless and Strange Mantis Shrimp

Mantis Shrimp are one of the most interesting animals in the animal kingdom, they can be found in sub-tropical and tropical waters worldwide, and they are one of the most vicious creatures in the world.

Everyday Life and Related Facts

Mantis Shrimp are one of the most amazing creatures I can honestly say. Their are 400 known species. Another thing is ,Mantis Shrimp are classified as phylum Arthropoda, subphylum Crustacea, and class Malacostraca. They are also known as Preying Mantis or either true shrimp. They grow from 1 inch to a foot or bigger.


Mantis Shrimp have the most advanced eyes in the animal Kingdom.They have stalked eyes and flattened appendages, also they can clean their eyes, on the other hand, they have 12 different wave-lecks.

“We certainly would have predicted a much more competent sense of color discrimination than this! However, behaviour is the ultimate test of what an animal can do, so this is what the animals say that they are capable of.“ says Tom Cronin, from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, who studies mantis shrimp vision.


The amazing and magnificent Mantis shrimp are grouped in two different types, Spearers and Smashers. Smashers get their name because they have the fastest punch in the world. The beat prey until their shells are soft. Did you know, Spearers are the majority of mantis shrimp, they get there name because when prey are around they release spikes impaling enemies. Their spikes are released at 20-30 milliseconds. Also Spearers lurk around preys homes and burrow under sand to hide.

Small but Strong

Though Mantis shrimp are small, they are among the most Deadly. When people think of fierce predators, they think of lions, and sharks. But Mantis shrimp aren’t ever talked about because of their size. Because of mantis shrimps small size, they are harder to be kill by predators.

Strength and Attack

Have you ever thought that you were tackled real hard, and you thought that nothing would be more painful? Well think again, Mantis Shrimp have incredible force. Their speed is so fast it make heat up to 8,500 degrees, that’s predicted to be as hot as the suns surface. In humans perspective, we could throw a baseball out in into orbit. Because of the Mantis Shrimps flexible structure, it allows them to have great force. From the great heat and great force, mantis shrimp make water vaporize, turning it into cavitation bubbles. Mantis shrimp have sheer force, that could demolish glass. Their Punches have 1,800 newtons of force (as fast as a .22 caliber) that could knock prey out cold.

These are the steps of Cavitation Bubbles.

  1. First the Bubble gets smashed in half.
  2. The Bubble creates a shock wave inside.
  3. It explodes.
  4. It releases High temperature and Light.

Mantis Shrimp are fascinating creatures. Though they are small, they are powerful with brute strength. They are also split into two groups. Spearers and Smashers. Smashers have the most powerful punch in the world, and Spearers release spikes at an amazing speed. As you can see Mantis Shrimp aren’t the creature you’d want to go up against. I hope that you learned a lot about this extravagant creature.