Maple Trees to Maple Syrup

Audrey Clay


Have you ever wondered were maple syrup comes from? Read on to find out.


It starts at a farm. People cut holes in the trees. They put tubes in the trees. It will lead to a bucket. Which is collected and shipped to a factory. meet you at the factory.


At the factory maple sap is going to be turned into maple syrup. first they dump it in a buckit. next they will want to warm it up. third they will make sure it is 60.f. Finlay they mix. Mix mix mix. Now it is ready for a trip to a store.


Now we are at the store if you want to know what we do at the store lets go. First they will make sure it is good. secent they shelf it. Thrid they sell it. Finlly people eat it. Now you how to make maple syurp you will want to know all the fun fates.

Fun Facts

Different go to different factory to different stores. It takes 36 maple trees to fill 1 bottle. WOW!!! People can tell if it is done just by looking is't that cool. It has to be under freezing to get sap. Anyone can do it not just workers.


Now that you know how to make your lovley maple syrup go make some.
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