Technology Rules For Parents


Rule Number 01:

You Shouldn't Text Or Be On The Phone While Driving. It Could Lead To A Terrible Accident

Rule Number 02:

Don't Put Personal Information Like Your Phone Number Or Address On The Internet Because It Could Be Dangerous

Rule Number 03:

Don't Give Your Passwords To Anyone For Any Of Your Sites (Twitter-Instagram-Facebook-ETC)

Rule Number 04:

Put Privacy Settings On All Your Social Media & Only Let People You Know See Your Pictures & Posts. If You Don't Have Privacy Settings On Random Strangers Can Stalk You & Track You Down.

Rule Number 05:

Be Cautious Of What You Post On The Internet. Don't Post Something You'll Regret Later! If You Post Something Really Bad It Might Affect You When Applying For College

Rule Number 06:

Don't Go On Inappropriate Or Illegal Links/Sites Because Once Again It Could Be Dangerous & It Could Involve The Police

Rule Number 07:

Don't Click On Random Pop Ups On Your Devices. It Could Ruin Your Device & The Pop Up May Be Inappropriate Or Include Spam

Rule Number 08:

Don't Do Any Kind Of Cyber Bullying Or Fight With Anyone Because It Could Lead To Something Serious. Also If You Do So You Could Get Bullied Back
Don't Text and Drive

Rule Number 09:

Make Sure You Know How To Work With The Device You Are Working With So You Don't Click The Wrong Buttons That Take You To Unwanted Site

Rule Number 10:

Don't Post Bad Stuff About Other People Other People On The Internet Because It Counts As Cyber Bullying & That Person Might Fall Into Depression, You Don't Want To Be Responsible For Making Suicide A Thought For Someone