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little blue and little yellow

Little Blue has many friends. They don't all look like him. He has so much fun playing with them but especially his friend, Little Yellow. One day when Little Blue gives his best friend a big hug, something happens. They do not look like two dots, one blue and the other yellow; they look like one big green dot. When Green goes home to see his blue parents, they do not recognize him. They do not hug their baby, Blue. Yellow’s parents do not know their baby either. Green begins to cry. He cries yellow and blue tears. Soon they are themselves again. They go home to Blue’s family. They are so happy. Now they know what happened. They go to Yellow’s family. Everyone hugs and everyone turns just a little bit green.

This book is great for use with pre-k and kindergarten students. It has many themes that run through the story but the overlying picture is one of accepting differences in others that we meet.

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