Modern Texas

WWI, WWII, and The Great Depression.


Picture One

The picture at the top shows how the soldiers in WWI used the tactic of trench fighting against their enemies to protect themselves.

Picture Two

The picture at the bottom shows how deadly no mans land (the land between the two trenches) in the war was.

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Sides of WWI

The Central Powers

The Central Powers were: Germany, Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria, and Turkey!

The Allies

The Allies were: Great Britain, France, Russia, Serbia, Belgium, and the US!

Questions Answered

1. The US entered the war because Germany was sinking US ships and also Germany said that any ships that entered the warzone around Great Britain would be a target for German military ships.

2. Texas aided the country during the war by training soldiers and flyers at Kelly Field and also creating supplies for the war.

3. WWI ended with Germany surrendering and all of the countries involved agreeing to end the war.


Why Herbert Hoover failed to pull the US out of depression

Hoover could not pull the US out of depression because he approached it cautiously and took too much action to stop it, and most of the things he did weren't direct, like giving a lot of money to higher ranked businessmen hoping it will eventually trickle down to the poorer people.

Answering Questions

Q1: FDR pulled the US out of depression with the introduction of the new deal and involving the country in WWI, because war is good for the economy.

Q2: The Dust Bowl was caused by a massive drought that spread throughout Northern Texas and Oklahoma.

Q3: The New Deal offered relief for poor people, jobs for unemployed people, economic recovery, social security, park building, and economic reforms.

Q4: The AAA paid farmers not to grow certain crops which benefited owners of large farms but not small farm owners or tenant farmers.


Picture: Shows Uncle Sam trying to get people to join the army.

Sides of WWII

Axis Powers:




Allied Powers:



United States

Soviet Union


Answers of Questions

One: Texas contributed to WWII by responding to the call of war with a bigger supply of men and women working towards the war effort, with more than 700,000 in war uniform.

Two: Texan's life on the home front changed when they gave everything to the war. They purchased war bonds, gave away goods and money, and took care of hurt soldiers seeking medical attention. But the real change was how after WWII, half a million Texans moved from rural Texas to urban areas to work at industrial sites. This marked the beginning of a massive shift in Texas from rural to urban.

Three: Germany surrendered in 1945 and the allies accepted. This was the end of WWII however, Japan was still attacking on behalf of the war.