Identity Theft

How to protect your identity...

Keep your personal information secure even offline!

Lock any financial documents you have in a safe place at home and when at work, lock your wallet or purse in a safe place as well.

Over the phone!

Do not give out personal information out over the phone.
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Make sure others are keeping you safe...

Ensure that your employer, landlord and anyone else with access to your personal data keeps your records safe.

Only carry the essentials!

Leave your extra credit cards, your Social Security card, birth certificate or passport at home!
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Make your PINs and passwords random but something you will remember!

Doing so makes it harder for identity thieves to discover these codes.
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Keep a list of account numbers, expiration dates and telephone numbers filed away:

That way if your wallet is stolen you can call your creditors ASAP.
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Don't leave any important financial papers in your car!

Someone can break into your car and steal them as well, they don't always have to be on you.
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And finally, protect your social security number...

Make sure your bank does not print your Social Security Number on your personal checks.
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