My heart breaks

pollution,racism,bulling,violence, and sexism


My heartbreaks when people pollute, it could be any kind of pollution,land pollution,water pollution,or air pollution. It breaks my heart when I see people hurt the planet we all live on. It kills wild life, polar ice caps melt ,marine life hurt themselves on trash left by humans, trash on land takes up space that can be used for farming.


Racism breaks my heart. Being Mexican is great, but I have been made fun of, because of it. That's why hate racism.
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Being Mexican has caused me to get bullied that's why it breaks my heart when people make fun of people because of their ethnicity or religion.
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My heart breaks when i see violence when every problem be solved by simply talking it out and no one ever ends up getting hurt.


My heart breaks when I see sexism.When women objectified and aren't treated fairly.
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