New WiMax Service!

How WiMax could improve your local area.

What is WiMax?

WiMax is the new technology that provides a wifi signal for everyone with a device that can connect to a signal. In essence, it is a massive pylon type thing that sends out a wireless signal up to 10 miles.

How Does it work? (Simplified)

To start of, Companies run ISP Networks that connect to the 'backbone' of the internet. These send out signals via wires underground to giant radio antennas. These are called WiMax Transmitters. What these do, is control the signal to distribution antennas that are positioned in local areas. They give out a signal by running a line of sight wireless connection (they can see each other) to different antennas. For Home WiMax, this signal will go to a Wireless back haul (smaller antenna that distributes lower signals to smaller areas), which will send it to a Local Area Network device via a non line of sight signal. For public areas and more contained buildings like hospitals, it will carry onto a bigger signal antenna, then distributed that way.

How does it work? (Complicated)

  1. How Wimax works?

  2. WiMAX base station: As name explains base station is placewhere WiMax signals are broadcasted. It consists of electronic devices and WiMax Tower. This tower works exactly like GSM network phones towers standing high up in the air to broadcast radio signals. WiMAX tower base station can cover up 10Km radius. In theory it suggests to cover a lot more distance than just 10Km, it can reach some where about 50 km (30 miles), but in fact due to certain geographical limitations it goes as far as 10 km approx. 6 mils. Any wireless connecting device for WiMAX will connect to WiMAX network if fallen in to the range.

  3. WiMAX Receiver: It is device or devices which receives the signals from WiMAX base station and connects to the WiMAX networks. These devices are usually stand alone Antenna or PCMCIA slot card for laptops or computers. Connecting to WiMAX base stations works as similar as connection of Wifi to access point works, the only difference is that WiMAX covers much wider area.

One WiMAX base stations can be connected to several other base stations using high speed microwave link, this link is usually known as backhaul. This way WiMAX roaming can be achieved and connections can be maintained on move.

Wimax support many protocols like ATM, IPv4 Ethernat, VLAN etc, this makes WiMax a rich choice for full of services from data to voice.

How to join.

WiMax is one of the easiest things to sign up to. All you need to do is sign up on the website and then you can find out how to do all of the other optional things. The WiMax forum offers you more than enough information on it.