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amit segev , naama ben haim - 10.3.16 - ח4

class: ח'4 - 10/3/16



We have chosen to write about the city of Milan found in upstate Italy.

We have chosen to write about the city of Milan because it is a very interesting and intriguing us . This city is full of life , full of inaction , many tourists from all over the world come to the city . Milan is also full of many sites that tourists come to .hair Milan is also considered a city full of fashion

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Name : the city Milano

capital city : Rome

Flag: Italian flag colors appear three stripes of red , white , and green

Population:Milan lies in the plane called Lombardy , the region has the population which is the largest in Italy , in 2005 its population was 1.3 million .

Official languages : The official language and spoken in Italy , is the Italian language . And speak it in addition to the English language .

Government :President of the State of Italy is Sergio Mtrlh . And Prime Minister of the State of Italy is Matteo Renzi .

Area : Milan lies across the plains region , Eastern Region Lombardy . Milan is in the north of the State of Italy .

Tourists' attractions : Milan city visitors can enjoy a variety of sites on offer, such as the main church and spectacular ( Duomo ) , the famous Opera House , and the original painting of the Last Supper . Milan is also known for its nightlife , and plenty of fashion that exists in the city .

Summary about milano

The city of Milan is located north of the State of Italy . Is large and major city in Italy . The city is considered a highly developed economically , and is home to the Italian Stock Exchange . Milan is a great place for shopping , nightlife , Tiirotim many places , and many other attractions . Milan , considered Italy's economic goal , is a major transport hub , connecting Italy and France and Lsooitz.milano is a hub of regional transport routes , Italian and international

Our reflection

In our opinion , the city of Milan is a charming city , extraordinarily beautiful , and full of life and tourists . Milan In our opinion, represents the fashion capital of Italy , and is part of the fashion capitals around the world . We think she is a charming city , fascinating , and many interesting people , so it attracts many tourists from around the world . It also includes historic buildings that symbolize the history of Italy

Sources of information

Information sources we used for the preparation of the work : Website Wikipedia ' Google A ' traveler