Youngsville Classical Conversations

Weekly Update

Looking ahead to WEEK 10!!

Hi CC families! We had great weather for our nature walk this past Monday-an answered prayer!!! This coming Monday we will not meet. I hope everyone has a blessed Thanksgiving!!! We will meet back for Week 10 the following Monday (Nov 30th).

For Monday- week 10

Family Presentations (opening assembly): Swann family

Suggested preparation for presentation time:

-Tuesday & Wednesday brainstorm topics and choose material.

-Thursday prepare notes, props etc.

-Friday/Saturday show off for Dad or Grandma!

-Saturday final polishing and practice.

Don't forget to bring:

-Nursery/Toddler room: Diaper bag, labeled drink. Snack. $5.00 for childcare (if using)

-Foundations class: Presentation materials if needed. Water bottle and snack. Tin Whistle.

-Parents in class: Foundations guide and pen, paper/sticky notes. Lunches.

Scripture Passage during opening assembly


(12)Honor thy father and thy mother: that thy days may be long upon the land which the LORD thy God giveth thee.


Week 10 science project: Parts of a flower- each child will get to participate in a fun hands on activity to learn and label the parts of a flower.

Week 10 Fine Arts: Continue learning the Tin Whistle instrument (how to hold it, the different parts, Left/Right hand, practice blowing). Go over the new Musical Grammar/Vocabulary and review the last few weeks vocab. I'll try to be more careful and aware of our time this Monday to insure we get everything in! Tin whistle starts on page 158 in the Foundations guide for you to follow along at home.

**UPCOMING FIELD TRIP for November** to the "Kids Playspace Notasium" in Durham!!

Friday, Dec. 11th, 10pm

3750 Durham-Chapel Hill Boulevard

Durham, NC

Notasium is an interactive, music-based play space and school designed to awaken the musician in any child at any age. Perfect since we just started learning the tin whistle and different notes and note names!

Children: $8.00 (under 1yr FREE)

Siblings: $6.00

Parents: FREE