TJ's poem's



Fire,Dances lightly though the night,

Moon,Follows me in the moonlight,

Stone,Scarcely teaches us were to go in life,

Rain,Bravly skydives from the clouds,

Mountian,Guides me nicly to the top.


I have a long neck.

It is very long and spotfull.

I have spots on me


Jumping joe jumped joyfully with jelly jeans.

Jumping joe and his jelly jeans jumped joyfully.

jumping joe jammed junk in his locker jock gave him jam.


A dog lives with me.

Its a he.

He's a cat lover.

His friend is a hater.

His friend is a huskie.

Also has a walkie talkie.


There was a old cat.

That cat was fat.

He ran up a clock.

Found a bird flock.

That cat is still very fat


As I wake up im my pj's.

I eat breakfast,I go down the stairs.

It's dark as the night,as my finger hits the switch it's the sun.

That's when the fun starts.

When my finger hits the on/off switch.

My wired controller lights blue.

I put in gears of war three and play the day away.

Hershey Kisses/Imagery

Its smooth like a chocolate river.

As it melts it's like a drop of goodness.

It's a chocolate triangle gooyness.

It's a good birthday present.

It taste like a cloud.