Learning Rattle

by:Emily Childress


The learning rattle is a rattle that sing 3 songs, them being the alphabet, the months, and lastly the days of the week, every time the child shakes the rattle. This rattle is made of wood, cloth, or plastic, and are typically brightly colored. there is also a switch that allows you to turn of the music and just make the average rattle noise. this toy can also be used as a teething devise.



Why this toy is safe?

this toy is safe because it teaches you the alphabet, your months, and your days of the week, also it doesn't need batteries, so you can always rely on the learning rattle. also toddlers are expected to start saying full sentences. so the learning rattle will help teach them the basics of kindergarten so that your child is ready to start there journey to kindergarten.

Age Requirement:

Toddlers 3+

Why it would interest this age group?

The learning rattle would interest this age group because it sings and make the rattle noise which gets the child to work on the 5 senses and the learning rattle is brightly colored. All typical thing that toddlers are attracted to. Hope your child enjoys!