Softball is better than baseball!

Me and softball

Softball is my everything. Its the best thing because I can meet new people and make new friends! Me and my family have been though thick and thin with softball, but its all worth it(:

How this all came to me

     So my older cousin use to play softball when she was younger. She told me about it so I decided to try it. I liked it and people told me i was good at it so I have not stopped playing.

Proud softball moment

       I am a catcher. I have been watched by my future high school softball coach. She came to watch ME at one of my practices when I was in 6th grade. That was 2 years ago almost three now! Before I really didn’t think that, that was really important until now, I realize that this is part of  my future and is very important.So We are in the last inning against the Austin Stars 99. The was a runner on first base and her name was genisa. She is always trying to be better than me just because. There was two outs and we only needed one more. The next batter was up; the ball was pitched. Then the next!!!! Whoa. Next thing you know Genisa was steeling to 2nd base and I was not even playing attention so I did a quick wind up and threw the ball to second when she was one step away from the bad and I got her out. Omg everyone started screaming and cheering! We won the game(: Genisa is really fast its unbelievable. She thought that she could get past me but not this time!

just a little short stop action

   I am a short stop. Whoa! I make fantastic plays all the time! I am afraid to dive because I don’t what to get hurt but I have a couple times.  I think there’s no need to dive because all short stops are supposed to be fast, so there’s really NO need to dive! One game we were winning big time and there was two outs!! We only needed one to win the championship. So are team pitcher pitched the ball and the batter hit the ball directly back at are pitcher, I was going to back her up and the ball tipped her gloved and rolled on the ground to to me. I was going so fast the ball ended up behind me and so I stopped quickly and grabbed the ball and threw it to first with one of the biggest risks. There was a dead slience for a moment, then the blue shouts "Out", really LOUD!!! That was big for are team cause we were told that we were the 3rd best team in texas and we were trying to win more so we are the first.

Softball in todays world?? Try it...

       I think that softball should be showed more often on tv. Its truly a good sport, also its really fun!!! When I first heard about softball I was like what is that, until my aunt and cousin told me about it. If softball was talked about more in public and advertised more it would inspire little kids to try something new like I did(: If you don’t have many and you start softball buy the time you finish playing you will have made 3x the friends that you use to have!!!


You have to try things in life if you want to get some where. It might take you a coulpe of trys but sonner or later you will find what you really like to do.