The Sangria Kit

Enjoy the Mediterranean experience

The Ingredients:

· 750 ml. Chilled read wine

· 500 ml. Orange juice

· Sliced fruits

· 60 gr. White sugar

· 50 ml. Brandy

· 100 ml. Cointreau

· 50 ml. Martini Bianco

· 50 ml Vodka

· Ice cubes

2. Let's start with rhythm!

Add the sliced fruit into the mixing jar and 3 soup spoons of sugar

3. Preparing a powerful taste

Pour the small bottles of Martini Bianco, Brandy, Vodka and Cointreau into the jar. Mix it with the wooden spoon.

4. C Vitamin on stage

Add sparkling orange juice and mix it

5. Key step

Add lots of ice cubes

6. Add some color to the flavors!

Pour red wine into the jar. To serve right away use chilled red wine.

TIP for skilled:

To drink the best Sangria, chill it 1 hour in the fridge before serving

Now enjoy a tasty experience!