Andrew Jackson:

King or President?-Savannah Caruthers-2nd Period

Nullification Crisis

What is the Nullification Crisis and what or who caused it? Well, the Nullification Crisis was sort of a war between the United States Government and the state South Carolina. South Carolina had two tariffs that they tried to nullify because of the high prices: the tariff of 1828 and 1832.In reaction, president Andrew Jackson uses the "Force Bill" which means that South Carolina has to pay and Jackson can use the army to make them. When the Force Bill is released, South Carolina threatens to secede, or to leave, the U.S. After that threat was released, the tariffs were lowered and South Carolina agrees to pay.

Trail of Tears

What is the Trail of Tears and what or who caused it? The Trail of Tears is where the Cherokees that had been living on the Southeast of the United States, had been moved over to the west to Oklahoma. They were forced to move over to Oklahoma because the United States needed more land and the Cherokees' land had treasures. As they where about to move, John Marshall had ruled over "Worchester vs Georgia." Jackson continued with the plans for the removal, ignoring the court's ruling and having the Cherokee move to Oklahoma. Sad isn't it?

Killing the National Bank

What is "Killing of the National Bank" and who or what caused it? The Killing of the National Bank is where Jackson uses the veto to "shut the National Bank down". Before this happened, he was elected to a second term as president. He then thought that the people working for the National Bank had only cared about the rich/wealthy. Jackson then used the veto power to get rid of the bank. Later on, people have said that Jackson had over used the veto power and became more of a king, rather than a president.

Political Cartoon of Jackson

In this political cartoon, president Jackson is included with clothes of a king, holding a paper that says "veto", and is standing on top of the Constitution because people had said that he was becoming more of a king rather than the president he was supposed to be.

Perspective #1

Dear President Jackson and the United States government,

I am a 10 year old child that has been friends with a cherokee girl and recently heard that she and her family, is traveling away to another area named "Oklahoma". I've heard that it's a dry place where there isn't much resources to survive. Why aren't you sending them to a nicer place where they can't die so easily? No, in fact, why are you moving them? It was so much nicer when they were here. I want my wonderful friend back, but I bet that will never happen. I will miss her very much.

~10 year old child

Perspective #2

Dear President Jackson,

Yes, hello, I am a very poor southerner and I am actually a fan of yours. You saved my life from that ridiculous National Bank that taxed me with so much money! I could've gone bankrupt! I have family so just imagine my family and I starving to death because we couldn't pay for food nor for shelter. Thank you President Jackson. I owe you my life.

~Poor Southerner