Stock Market Game

By Nicholas Skierkowski


At the conclusion of the marketwatch stock market game my ending placement was 8th out of 25 players. My ending balance was negative $569.49, from my original sum of "money". My strategy was buying strong stock that wold not experience significant gains or losses. I stayed conservative for most of the game. I would sell when the stock was at its highest or when it lost me money from declining in value. Long term amazon made me money due to the holiday season, and Disney made me short term money from its massive release of star wars. I lost money on proctor and gamble stock. A trend in the stocks were that they always rise and fall and you must buy at the low and sell at the high. I used yahoo finance for in depth research for past years and day to day prices. I learned a great deal of knowledge from playing this game. I realized that the stock market is unpredictable and you must watch your money closely. Any given day your stocks could fall or make millions. I learned to be careful, yet take risks when logical.