"Just" for CMS

Week of 5/16/16

Dress Code Exemption Week

Every year, CMS students and staff have an opportunity to help out the students at CHS by participating in a $1 free dress day (or $5 for the week). This marks the 5th time that we have done this, and to date, we have raised over $4,000 to help CHS with things like Project Graduation and the Senior Prom. We are helping former CMS students, and one day, we'll do the same for your student when they are at CHS.

The cost is $1 per day and does include hats. Please follow the guidelines below. STUDENTS THAT ARE OUT OF DRESS CODE WILL BE ASKED TO CALL A PARENT UNTIL THEY CAN CHANGE.

· School appropriate shirts (no tank tops or muscle shirts)

· School appropriate bottoms (jeans must meet the qualities mentioned above)

· Jean shorts or khaki shorts are acceptable, but they must meet the qualifications mentioned above.

· Leggings cannot be worn as pants but they may be worn under appropriate skirts or shorts.

· Athletic or wind shorts are NOT acceptable.

· Wind pants and sweat pants are allowed.

· No flip flops, sliders or house shoes.

· Hats allowed

*****Spirit Day and My College Monday are still in play. It does not cost to participate in those weekly activities.

*****8th grade students going to The Main Event DO NOT have to pay extra for free dress. Those students already have free dress for the day.

*****8th grade students going to TAMU-C for the Career Fair on Thursday may change when they return to campus. THERE WILL BE NO FREE DRESS WHILE ATTENDING THE CAREER FAIR.

*****7th and 8th grade students participating in the Sound Post Music Festival on Friday DO NOT have to pay extra for free dress. They already have a specific dress code they have to follow for the day.

CMS Spring Luau a HUGE Success

A gigantic shout out to the CMS Student Council, sponsors and parents for putting on such an amazing dance. We estimate that we had over 200 students in attendance, over half of the entire CMS population. The decorations, food and music were just perfect. Thanks to everyone for making it such a great success.

Schedule for the Week

Monday, 5/16
  • $1 Free Dress Day for Staff and Students
  • My College Monday
  • 6pm - Board of Trustees Meeting, CAB

Tuesday, 5/17

  • $1 Free Dress Day for Staff and Students
  • 8am - 8th grade to Main Event in Frisco
  • 9am - 5th grade to visit CMS

Wednesday, 5/18

  • $1 Free Dress Day for Staff and Students
  • 11:30am - Special Olympics Banquet (NJHS)

Thursday, 5/19

  • Spirit Day
  • $1 Free Dress Day for Staff and Students
  • 8am - 8th grade to Career Day at TAMUC

Friday, 5/120
  • $1 Free Dress Day for Staff and Students
  • 10am - 7th/8th grade band to Soundpost Music Festival, Canton