Soccer is a sport that everyone should learn to play because you can do some really cool things like being goalie, forwards, defenders, passing the ball, dribbler, and heading.

Different Positions

Some different positions are goalie, forwards, and defenders. Goalies are the only player on soccer field who must learn a set of skills, should stop a rolling or bouncy shot, catch it made with arms down and fingers spread, should be bent until the last moment, should try to stop the ball from scoring. {page 48-56}.Forwards must be very quick and able to hold the ball well, forwards includes dribbling and passing, forwards should be able to boot it hard with either foot.{page 14}. Defenders must be both quick, strong and must be good tacklers. {page 15}.


Simple equipment that is used in soccer are balls, shoe, and uniforms. The ball is used to kick in the goal, heading, dribbling, trapping, passing, and throw-in. Shoes are important because they should be chosen carefully. Uniforms is light and loose, consist of shoes, shorts, and socks. {page 15-17}.

Practice Skills

Practice Skills that are used is passing, dribbling, and heading. In passing you must be able to pass good, its not easy, can be used outside of your foot, and you can do a slice or curve. In dribbling you simply do, the act of moving the ball on the soccer field by using your feet, important skill, requires shifting, learn to use body as a shield, and fake is important part. Heading in soccer should become as automatic as kicking it, contact is made on front of the forehead, just below the hairline, the most important rule in heading the ball is to move your head, and keep your eyes in the ball.{ page 21-35}.


If you think your going to play soccer well then go for it, but just look at these tips.