R10 Counselor Conversations

Twelfth Edition: November

Congratulations, you have successfully made it through October. Now we enter the season of gratitude, with Thanksgiving Break just a couple of weeks away!

On behalf of the Region 10 Counseling Team we want to start this season off by expressing our appreciation for you and all you do for your school community. We are so very blessed to have the opportunity to serve alongside all of you. Thank YOU for your commitment to educators and kids!

Wishing you a hope-filled month ahead,

Susan Delarosa & Brandi Fennell

Please complete our Region 10 Counseling Spring Survey to let us know how we can continue to support you in 2021. As always, we value your feedback.

Spring 2021 Counseling Session Survey

Please take a moment and complete this form. Let us know what content you would like to see this spring and the delivery method you prefer.

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How Can Region 10 Serve You?

Need Direct Services, Consultation, or Specialized PD? Please fill out this form.

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Region 10 Reach! Magazine

Reach! will be published twice a year, once in the spring and again in the fall. Our very own, Susan Delarosa, is featured in this first fall edition. Please enjoy the new Region 10 Reach! Magazine below.
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uAspire Financial Aid Resources

Thank you to uAspire for providing these wonderful financial aid resources.

Student FSA ID FAQ

FAFSA Checklist and Financial Aid Timeline*

Next Steps after the FAFSA and Financial Aid Offer*

*These are available in six other languages. Please email brandi.fennell@region10.org if you would like access to them.

These are also some helpful Financial Aid websites from uAspire.

Student Resources

COVID-19 Support Resources

**uAspire is working to provide accurate and timely info to navigate financial aid and higher education systems during the COVID-19 crisis. They regularly update these resources regarding financial aid and the impact of COVID-19.

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QuaverSEL Song of the Month: Relax Your Mind


QuaverSEL is excited to partner with Region 10 to offer free online, interactive social emotional learning resources for school counselors this school year! Check out the information and free resources below to learn more!

QuaverSEL is offering a FREE pilot of their resources for the remainder of this school year. The pilot includes free access to QuaverSEL resources along with training on the resources so you feel comfortable and confident! This is being offered to individual school counselors or districts in Region 10.

QuaverSEL Brochure

Please contact Carlie Phillips from QuaverSEL (CarliePhillips@QuaverEd.com) for more info about these resources and how you can pilot QuaverSEL for free!

Holidays and Covid: Fall Holidays

Fall Holiday Low Risk Activities and Crisis Hotlines

The National Child Traumatic Stress Network - Free Resources -

As the holiday season approaches, celebrations, traditions, and gatherings with family and friends may look different this year due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. For many, this may mean learning new ways of celebrating the upcoming holidays with loved ones from afar (e.g. virtual celebrations). While the holiday season can create a number of stressors, the uncertainty and challenges created by the pandemic can increase feelings of worry, stress, loneliness, grief, loss, and concern. The NCTSN has resources to help children, youth, and families, build family resilience, adapt to changes, and cope with challenges this upcoming holiday season.



Taking Care of Yourself (Adult Self-Care)

Holidays, Celebrations, and Traumatically Bereaved Children (Webinar)

Simple (At-home) Activities for Children and Adolescents

CASEL's New Definition of SEL: What You Need to Know

This article summarizes the updates to CASEL's definitions of social-emotional learning (SEL). Learn what changed, why it matters, and what it means for your school or district.

CASEL first introduced the term “social and emotional learning” 26 years ago. Since then, we have been committed to a continuous process of learning, examining, and collaboratively refining the understanding of SEL. Throughout this process, our goal has remained the same: advance high-quality SEL in schools everywhere so that all adults and young people can thrive.We are excited to share updates across definitions and our framework to highlight an expanded vision and growing research base for SEL. To learn more, please visit their new webpages. Together, we can create learning environments and experiences that promote SEL for all.
Mindfulness and SEL Cards for Schools

Mindfulness and SEL Cards from Present Moment Labs share creative mindfulness and SEL exercises for schools that can be implemented virtually or face-to-face. Please enjoy 20% at check-out with the code SEL4Region10.

An SEL Resource For Parents & Families

Promoting SEL at Home is a series of developmentally appropriate SEL resources for parents, families, and caregivers to use at home. These lesson ideas facilitate the development of SEL skills in from infancy through high school.

TEA Approved SEL Resources and Programs

These are approved programs. Intended audiences and resource type definitions are also listed.

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Supporting Students with Suicidal Ideation: Tips for Prevention Programming, Intervention & Creating a Community of Support

Wednesday, Dec. 9th, 1-2:30pm

This is an online event.

During this session the participant will:

  • Understand important factors to address with staff in their Prevention Programming
  • Develop a better understanding of intervention for students who have directly and indirectly expressed their thoughts about suicide and how staff can support them
  • Gain knowledge about how to support students who have made an attempt and/or are transitioning back to schools after inpatient treatment
  • Increase their awareness about resources that are available for prevention, intervention and support for children and their families

Presented by:

Erin Kaszynski, M.Ed., LPC, Doctoral Candidate

Educational Resource Clinician, Region 10

North Texas Behavioral Health Authority

**Please note, this learning experience is a virtual event and will not be hosted at a physical site. ** REGISTER HERE

Mark your calendars for March 26, 2021 for International SEL Day. Info to come!

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Request Mental Health/Wellness Trainings

Request support or book trainings for Mental Health trainings, resources, YMHFA, or support with Mental Health initiatives including project restore and trauma sensitive schools. Trainings in person or via webinar.

Avoiding Burnout (Resource)

Resources, Tips, and Information to Navigate 2020 Fatigue

Youth Mental Health First Aid (Online & Virtual)

YMHFA is designed to teach parents, family members, caregivers, teachers, school staff, peers, neighbors, health and human services workers, and other caring citizens how to help an adolescent who is experiencing a crisis.

Mental Health Transition Resources

In collaboration between Region 10 and Region 11, we have created a one-page resource with mental health transition supports. Most of the resources include full presentations that can be easily downloaded for your own use.

TEA Year-At-A-Glance Mental Health Required Trainings

The TEA At-A-Glance chart below highlights school mental health components under TEC §38.351and professional development under TEC §21.451 that may serve as a helpful guide to schools for planning for the new school year.

Crisis Counseling Assistance and Training Program

The Texas School Safety Center is helping to disseminate information regarding the Crisis Counseling Assistance and Training Program for School Personnel to help identify signs of stress within themselves and resources for self-care. English/Spanish

Register for the virtual Adolescent Symposium Here

Designed for those who works with teens and adolescents, the Adolescent Symposium of Texas features a wealth of programming and learning opportunities specific to youth-related mental illness. Attendees can obtain as much as 20 CEU credits!

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8 Effective Interventions for SEL

Explore research on the effectiveness of social-emotional learning interventions and dive into 8 different SEL interventions (including instructions for implementation!).

Human Trafficking Prevention & Awareness Webinars

Not only are educators vital in recognizing the warning signs of trafficked students, but also in guiding potential victims to find resources & support. All Zoom meetings will be held from 10:30-11:30 am & are open to ESCs & LEAs, unless noted.

Human Trafficking and Awareness Webinar Series

TEA, the Title IV, Part A Statewide School Safety Initiative (ESC Region 14), ESC Region 12, and the Office of the Governor’s Child Sex Trafficking Team are launching a series of webinars to support ESCs and LEAs during this school year.

Hope Cottage Love Notes Program

Hope Cottage is offering evidence-based healthy relationship FREE sessions called Love Notes. These programs build skills and knowledge for healthy and successful relationships with partners, family, friends, and co-workers. The Love Notes program uses curriculum from the Dibble Institute and has shown to decrease dating violence, teen and college pregnancy, help young adults acquire healthy relationship skills, and help all ages acquire communication and conflict resolution skills. Each session is about forty-five minutes for virtual presentations or a whole classroom period for in-person. The programs are geared towards 12-23-year-olds.

All of these sessions are presented live by trained Hope Cottage staff members. Each session is engaging with videos and polls to keep the audience’s attention. Please see the information about the sessions below.

Love Notes Relationship Program

Session 1- Good Relationships Start with You (values, goals, personality style, baggage)

Session 2- What Makes a Relationship Succeed or Fail? (dating expectations, compatibility, principles of a good relationship, breakups)

Session 3- Is it a Healthy Relationship? (healthy vs. unhealthy, infatuation vs. love, love chemicals in your brain, relationship pyramid, deciding vs. sliding)

Session 4- Effective Communication & Conflict Management Skills (effective/ineffective communication, conflict solving models, the science of anger, communicating complaints)

Session 5- Relationship Safety (statistics, forms of dating violence, red flags, technology safety)

Session 6- Teenage Pregnancy & STDs

To schedule presentations or for any questions email khood@hopecottage.org or call 214-415-0136. *Currently only scheduling virtual sessions. **Can request whole program or individual sessions.

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Positive Character Traits

The State Board of Education (SBOE) adopts new §§120.1, 120.3, 120.5, 120.7, and 120.9, concerning other Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS), which include new TEKS for positive character traits for Kindergarten-Grade 12 in accordance with House Bill (HB) 1026, 86th Texas Legislature, 2019.

Project Restore

The Project Restore Website will offer up to 6 videos, including facilitation guides and transcripts, to train educators and staff around trauma experienced specific to COVID. Videos range from 25-35 minutes and include a quiz to earn CEUs. If all 6 videos are viewed it will count toward SB11 trauma/grief informed training requirements for school staff. Participants who watch these videos can receive certificates.

The last video of TEA's Project Restore trauma-informed training video series was released on October 22nd.

Resource Links from Stephanie Lerner, TEA

Resources/links for your most pressing school counseling needs, requested in the Howdy from TEA session on August 18th.

Howdy from TEA Documents shared by Stephanie Lerner

Documents include: Meet the Counselor Lesson Plan, Minute Meeting Notes Sheet, Student Concern Check-in Notes, and A School Counselor's Group Guide for Stress Management.

TEA Educator Wellness: Equipping Staff

This document provides guidance for LEAs to equip staff to return to school. Plan, Assess, Build and Train staff to promote wellness and resiliency on your campus.

Highly Mobile and At Risk, and Mental Health Supports

To increase awareness, build capacity, and improve TEA supports, resources and tools available for Texas schools to address the unique needs and statutory requirements of highly mobile and at-risk students.

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Mini Lesson: Gratitude and Celebration Jar

The Optimistic Thinking strategy heightens students’ awareness of positive events and interactions during the school day. It also contributes to building a trusting and supportive group climate.

Equality Resources for Staff, Students and Families

Click HERE for a collection of K-12 classroom blended and online learning solutions for educators and students promotes critical thinking and learning around historical and current events topics through the lens of diversity, bias and social justice.

Questions to Survey Staff about Equity and Inclusion

Consider starting this conversation by gathering survey feedback from your teachers and staff. What are their perceptions of the equitable teaching and learning environment for students and adults? What resources or support do your educators need?

Use Bitmojis to Engage Students & Foster Belonging

In this post, you'll explore how to get started with Bitmojis and share 5 ideas for using Bitmojis to build student engagement in online learning.

ASCA Pandemic Resources

School Counseling During COVID-19: Online Lessons and Resources

18 Ready to Go Mini Guidance Lessons In Google Slides

Are you in need of virtual guidance lessons? Here are 18 complete mini lessons, just click on the lesson to make your own copy in Google Slides.

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CCMR Resources

Utilize these resources to organize, construct, and implement your CCMR strategies.

College, Career, or Military Readiness Outcomes Bonus Thresholds

The threshold percentages of annual graduates who demonstrate college, career, or military readiness for each of the following cohorts are as follows:

  • 11% of annual graduates who are educationally disadvantaged
  • 24% of annual graduates who are not educationally disadvantaged
  • 0% of annual graduates who are enrolled in a special education program regardless of whether the annual graduates are educationally disadvantaged

Because of the required administrative rulemaking process, these thresholds are not yet final. The public comment period on the proposed CCMR OB rule opens on January 1, 2021, and closes on February 1, 2021.

TEA will exclude military enlistment data from both CCMR accountability calculations and CCMR OB Student Listings until such data can be obtained directly from the U.S. Armed Forces. Upon receipt of such data, previously released final CCMR OB Student Listings will be updated to include military enlistment data.

U.S. Armed Forces Data

Due to discrepancies between annual enlistment counts for Texas military enlistees aged 17–19 released by the Department of Defense and the Texas Student Data System (TSDS) Public Education Information Management System (PEIMS) military enlistment data for 2017 and 2018 annual graduates, TEA will exclude military enlistment data from both CCMR accountability calculations and CCMR OB Student Listings until such data can be obtained directly from the U.S. Armed Forces.

Upon receipt of such data, previously released final CCMR OB Student Listings will be updated to include military enlistment data. When the final CCMR OB Student Listings are updated, the number of annual graduates in excess of the threshold percentage for each cohort will be updated and used to recalculate college, career, or military readiness outcomes bonus funding for any applicable fiscal year.

Released by TEA, Oct. 29, 2020.

CCMR Tracker

This week Performance Reporting published this video to help users better understand the CCMR Tracker. This video provides a review of CCMR data sources, the purpose of the Tracker, how to navigate the Tracker, what districts should do if errors are found, and other frequently asked questions.

Understanding the College, Career, and Military Readiness CCMR Tracker


Some of our students will take the new version of the Texas Success Initiative assessment (TSIA 2.0) this year. How will these results be included in future College, Career, and Military Readiness (CCMR) calculations?

Results across both versions will be accepted. For students who took the original version (TSIA 1.0), the criteria that was adopted at that time will be used for college readiness determinations. For students who take the new version (TSIA 2.0), we will use the newly adopted criteria.

When will the 2020 College, Career, and Military Readiness (CCMR) data table and final student listing be published?

Districts have until October 1st to submit corrections via the CCMR Verifier. Performance Reporting staff anticipates completing the review process in mid-October and publishing final reports in late October or early November.

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Texas College Admissions in the Time of COVID-19

Spotlight works with schools and districts to provide students with post-graduation insights.

Test Optional College List

List of Colleges, Locations, and links to Announcement or Admission page with information from College about current Test Optional Policy

Tuition Guarantee Programs

Explore the table to learn about the free tuition programs at colleges and universities throughout Texas. Click on each institution for additional eligibility requirements.

Collin College Workforce Programs

Collin County now offers online, hybrid and blended courses. Please read this letter and check out the programs they have to offer across Region 10.

Texas OnCourse YouTube Videos

Watch current webinars and subscribe here!

OnCourse FREE Webinar Series

On the first Tuesday of every month, a digital learning opportunity tailored to Texas middle and high school educators.

ADVi / Virtual Advising Project

A chatbot named ADVi – short for “adviser” – uses artificial intelligence to provide on-demand support to Texans looking to attend or return to higher education. Right now, any student in Texas may access ADVi by texting “COLLEGE” to 512-829-3687 or by starting a freshman application in ApplyTexas.

When students sign up to receive messages from ADVi, they receive:

  • The ability to ask questions about college 24/7 via text message,
  • Backup support from our virtual advisers if a student has needs or questions beyond what ADVi can provide,
  • Student-friendly, accurate, and engaging messages about key college access milestones,
  • Information and tips to help with their college applications, planning, and financial aid, and
  • Resources to help navigate the transition to college.

Learn more at www.askADVi.org.

Future GenTX Events

In November, GenTX Month combines our statewide College Application and Financial Aid Awareness campaign, the nationwide American College Application Campaign® (ACAC) initiative, and the 60x30TX Texas Challenge to Reach Higher efforts into one powerful month to encourage students to complete a college application and FAFSA. GenTX Month also coincides with the opening of the 2021-22 FAFSA and TASFA.

May 3, 2021, GenTX Decision Day, is your opportunity to recognize and celebrate students for their postsecondary plans in front of the entire student body. Think of GenTX Decision Day as a school spirit day, during which we all work together to build excitement and awareness surrounding the college selection and enrollment process.

By clicking HERE and filling out the form, you are committing your school to initiate and plan activities that promote both GenTX Month 2020 and GenTX Decision Day 2021.

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Future Focused TX Campaign Overview

COVID-19 has had a huge impact on our students and their educational goals. However, with the right information and support, we believe that Texas students can persevere, stay focused, and achieve their college goals. To support the counselors and students of Texas, Future Focused TX campaign is a public-private collaboration which aims to maintain college enrollment rates in Texas. This statewide effort will provide free, compelling, researched-based digital content to you, school counselors and advisors, to help all students graduate and matriculate into college. Click the link HERE to check out the first digital package and begin sharing this vital information with your students. Once you opt-in to this exciting campaign you will begin receiving weekly copy-and-paste emails to send straight to your students to help them engage with the content and continue on the path to their college goals!

To officially join the Future Focused TX campaign make sure to fill out this survey! By sharing your contact information you will receive emails with the monthly digital counselor packages, invites to campaign webinars and other exciting support for your students.

College Readiness Video and Resources from Spotlight

Spotlight provides tools to help you help your students understand their post-graduation opportunities.

TSI Assessment, Version, 2.0 Launch Webinar (K-12 Stakeholders)

In preparation for the January 11, 2021 launch of the TSI Assessment, Version 2.0 (TSIA2), THECB staff will host separate webinars for higher education and K-12 stakeholders. Each webinar will address topics in context for the stakeholder group.

Topics of discussion will include the following:
• Test features and enhancements
• College Readiness benchmarks
• Online Remote Proctoring and COVID Waivers
• Equity-focused Corequisite placements and guidance for Multiple Measures Assessment
• Q&A


Nov 18, 2020 01:00 PM

Register HERE.

TSIA2 Mandatory Training

Texas Success Initiative Assessment 2.0 (TSIA2) launches on January 11, 2021, at which time the current version of the TSIA will no longer be available.

TSIA2 training is mandated by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board and required for all K-12 and higher education institutions that currently administer TSIA and/or intend to administer the TSIA2. The 4-part training series will be held virtually. At least one person from an institution must attend all four training sessions.

Trainings will begin September 21, 2020. Click here to register for the training sessions. For a complete list of all dates and sessions type “TSIA2” into the Zoom search field or click HERE.

Texas College Bridge

The current MOU for College Prep Courses negotiated by Region 10 in 2018 will expire June 2021. Participants in this MOU can still access all necessary resources for the 20-21 school year at gg.gg/collegeprep.

To prepare for that expiration, we encourage you to go ahead and explore the TEA-supported opportunity for College Prep Courses: www.texascollegebridge.org. Texas College Bridge could be implemented this year in conjunction with the final year of the R10-negotiated MOU. There are expanded opportunities in this platform that may better serve your students.

There are four opportunities to enter Texas College Bridge this fall: Aug 10, Sept. 14, Oct. 12, and Nov. 9. Click here to access the Texas College Bridge MOU, Implementation Guide, Participation Agreement, and more.

At Region 10, you may contact Consultant Jennifer Gunn (jennifer.gunn@region10.org) or Assistant Director Chris Grey (chris.grey@region10.org). Or, you may email TexasCollegeBridge@tea.texas.gov

College & Career Advising Guide (Texas College Bridge)

Download the Free College and Career Support advising guide, a supplement to the Texas College Bridge program. The guide includes professional learning resources aligned to the topics your students will explore during the program.

College Prep Courses: R10 MOU vs Texas College Bridge

R10 Negotiated MOU and Texas College Bridge Side-by-Side

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Advanced Academics

Advanced Placement (AP)

College Board Waives Unused/Canceled Exam Fee

All students taking AP courses should consider ordering their exams this fall. Given this year’s unusual circumstances, the unused/canceled exam fee will not be applied (in 2020-21 only). This announcement gives students more options:

  • All students should order an AP exam for each course in which they are participating for which payment is not expected until June 2021.
  • Students may retake AP exams because there is no limit on the number of times an exam can be taken.

Schools can help students prepare for these exams or students can prepare for them on their own with available resources including purchased exam study guides.

    • If there are students who did not take the AP exam in 2020 for the course in which they were enrolled, they may order and take an AP exam this year.
    • Students who have taken an AP exam in the past on which they received a score they were not pleased with may retake the exam in an effort to achieve a higher score.


Request Reimbursement beginning November 9

TEA is opening the verification process for districts to request SAT/ACT reimbursement on November 9. To prepare, districts should designate a point person at the district level for this project and ensure they have Accountability-level access in TEAL. Please view this presentation for more information.


The Texas Success Initiative Assessment, Version 2.0 (TSIA2) is set to launch on January 11, 2021 and will replace the current version of the test (TSIA). The TSIA2 will provide a more stream-lined testing experience combining the current reading and writing sections into a new single section, English Language Art and Reading (ELAR).

Further, the diagnostic tests have been reduced to one per subject area. Students will have access to test feature tutorials and the ability to send their scores to institutions, free of charge.

Last, both students and educators will have access to free instructional and practice materials related to TSIA2 content with the launch of the TSIA2 Learning Resources library (January 2021).

ApplyTexas High School Counselor Portal Tutorial
Please email elaine.fackler@region10.org to update your Apply Texas account or request access.
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We hope your cup is full! Cheers to fall!

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Region 10 Counseling Consultants

Susan Delarosa, M.Ed.

Susan Delarosa is a Counseling Consultant specializing in the areas of elementary and middle school counseling. She spent eleven years in Frisco ISD and three years in Grand Prairie ISD.

Brandi Fennell, M.Ed.

Brandi Fennell is a Counseling Consultant specializing in the areas of high school counseling and CCMR. She spent the last five years as a high school counselor in Amarillo ISD and was previously a College Readiness and Scholarship Coordinator.

We are so incredibly honored to support Region 10 ESC counselors spanning over 80 districts, 55 charter schools and 860,000 students.

Please contact us for support in the following areas:

Legislative Updates

School Counselor Ethics

Crisis Support

Comprehensive Guidance Planning

Youth Mental Health First Aid

Social and Emotional Learning


and much more!

**For Apply Texas access or technical support, please contact Brandi Fennell at brandi.fennell@region10.org

Region 10 Smore of Smores

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