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Weekly Update for Army Trail School

Dr. Ferney Returns!

Please Join us for Dr. Ferney Ramirez's return to Army Trail. He will be here for several sessions starting on October 3, 2019 @ 6:00. Dr. Ferney will

  • Give Parents sufficient information to understand what the basic psychological skills that need to be developed so that their children undertake the ROAD TO SUCCESS.
  • Develop advanced communication techniques and positive dialogues parents can strongly influence the decisions of their children.
  • Offer Motivational techniques to facilitate an open inter-action that helps to strengthen self-esteem and emotional safety of their children.

EnVision Parent Night

Monday, Sep. 16th, 6pm

346 Army Trail Boulevard

Addison, IL

Dear District 4 Families,

I hope you and your child(ren) had a wonderful start to the school year. This year, the district has adopted a new math program - envision 2.0 (Pearson) for kindergarten through fifth grade. Your child will be actively involved in using concrete and digital tools to develop deep mathematics understanding and will apply this understanding through practice and problem-solving in every math lesson. In addition, you can expect your child to learn and practice new math ideas and concepts in a variety of ways. With this series, students can access resources online in school and at home.

Please join us to learn more on Monday, September 16 at 6:00 p.m. at Army Trail Elementary School in the cafeteria. A representative from Pearson will present highlights of the program and will answer any questions you may have. With this new program, it is our goal that students will be more engaged in learning, come better prepared to class, and achieve better results. Your encouragement and support will ensure that we achieve our goal.

If you should have any questions, please feel free to contact your child's teacher or the building principal.

Mrs. Donna Haney

Assistant Superintendent

Teaching and Learning

Fall Family Fair

Thursday, Sep. 19th, 5:30pm

346 Army Trail Boulevard

Addison, IL

The Fall Family Fair, sponsored by the Addison Early Childhood Collaborative, is around the corner! The topic of behavior management coupled with resources should be an interest for many of our families.

Robert Crown Parent Presentation - 5th Grade Only

Tuesday, Sep. 24th, 6-7pm

346 Army Trail Boulevard

Addison, IL

Dear Fifth Grade Parents/Guardians:

District 4 continues their partnership with the Robert Crown Center for Health Education. The professional educators from Robert Crown will be visiting each 5th grade classroom in the district to provide students with research-based instruction in health education to enhance the district’s current Physical Education curriculum.

These are critical years in a child’s development that influence body image and peer relationships for the rest of their lives. It is important to provide accurate information at this time in your child’s life by trained professionals in a consistent manner.

There will be two presentations for students held in each school during the instructional day; the Michael program for boys and the Linda program for girls. Each presentation will be 85 minutes in length and will focus on the changes that boys and girls will experience as their bodies near adolescence and enter puberty.

As parents/guardians you will have an opportunity to attend an informational parent meeting on Tuesday, September 24 at 6:00 pm in the Army Trail School Gymnasium. During this meeting a Robert Crown presenter will provide you with an overview of the Michael and Linda lessons and materials for you to preview.

Please complete the attached form to give/not give permission for your child to participate in this instructional program and return it to your child’s teacher by September 20. Please contact your child’s teacher and/or the building principal should you have questions.

Army Trail's Cultural Night

Thursday, Sep. 26th, 6-8pm

346 Army Trail Boulevard

Addison, IL

Save the Date!

Please Join us on Thursday September 26th for a celebration of all the different cultures represented at Army Trail. There will be entertainment, food, demonstrations, and fun!

RSVPs are enabled for this event.