History individual project

Azhad Ridzman 2Sapphire

The responses and feelings of people who went through Independence

Local people felt dissapointed during after the seperation from malaysia.Some of local people were afraid for Singapore future as there is Singapore has no natural and economic resources.They were also afraid for Singapore ability to survive by its own.Some local also felt happy as they always had racial conflict against the malaysia so they were happy when Singapore and malaysia seperated but most local people did not really show concern about the seperation.

The political leaders felt dissapointed towards the seperation as the political party PAP(People Action Party)worked very hard towards the campagin for merger during the Referendum.

The problems that singapore went through after the Independence

Singapore had lack of jobs after the seperation as when singapore was still under the control of the british,locals worked as cleaners and servants in their military base,prisons and etc.Furthermore between singapore and the malaysia,the economy was terminated for a short while thus making many people losing their jobs.Also common market that was suppose to be set up,was closed down as it failed after the seperation.

Singapore also has demanding workers.The workers was not satisfied with the amount of salary that the employment paid them.Therefore the workers went against the employers causing a big problem to the economy.

Singapore had no natural resources.During that time,Singapore economy was doing very badly therefore when Singapore wants to import the resources,it will cost a very huge amount and it will worsen Singapore's economy.

Singapore had lack of shelters.During that time,houses was not built in order and instead it was built like terraces therefore many people did not have a shelter to live in that time.

Singapore had lacked of educated people and skilled work force.People during that time have very low chances of getting a proper education of training.Even though those people are very skillful,they will not get any promotion on the job.