By: Jessica Torres

My "Euro"rope countries!


Government type/leader:

Germany is a federal republic,democracy and is lead by Joachim Gauck.

Historical event:

Germany is mostly known for where World War 2 occurred.


potatoes, poultry and meat are popular food produced,eaten and sold from Germany, Germany's population is 81.89 million people.

famous brands/sport:

Germany has a few popular brands for example, "Puma","T-mobile" and the famous car brand, BMW.

common known foods/music:

Germany is widely known for their popular "Schnitzel", "Apfel Strudel" and "Bratwurst".


Germany's weather varies depending on time of year,warm summers and cold icy winters.


Germany's currency is the "Euro".


Government type/leader:

Spain is a Parliamentary Democracy which is lead by Mariano Rajoy.

Historical event:

Spain is widely known for where the Spanish Civil War took place.


Fruits, fishing, grape growing and beans are common foods produced and sold by Spain,also this country has a population of 47 million people.

common sport/music :

Flamenco is a popular dance is Spain also, Soccer (Futbol) are famous sports.


Spain's currency is the Euro.


Spain's climate ranges from different regions,usually Spain has Mediterranean weather.


Government type/leader:

Italy is a Constitutional Republic which is lead by Giorgio Napolitano.

Historical monument:

Italy is commonly known for its famous "Rome Colosseum".


Italy has a population of 61.5 million people,also Italy's popular grown foods are tomatoes,corn,oranges and beets.

Common sport/music:

Football, soccer and swimming are very popular sports played in Italy. Very common music genres are Musical, opera and classical.


Italy's currency is the Euro.


Depending on the time of the year,Italy's weather is typical,warm summers and cold winters.