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June 6, 2022

24-Hour Attendance Line: 425.408.4410


Save the Dates!

Calendar Link: https://eastridge.nsd.org/our-school-clone/calendar

District Calendar for 2022-23 now available

Early Release Wednesday: 2:05pm release

School Days....Please note!

6/15 - Full Day Wednesday, Field Day!

6/17 - Last Day of School, 11:05am Release

Reminder: Last Day of School is June 17

The final day of the 2021-22 school year is Friday, June 17. Please note that the last day of school is 2 hours long. For more information about our school year calendar, please visit the calendar page on our website.

Student Tech

Students may keep their devices this summer.

Students will be keeping their assigned computing devices over the summer months to allow for continuous learning. Students and families are expected to take care of their assigned device by keeping it charged and in its bag when not in use.

More information on Chromebook care can be found here.

Students who are enrolled in summer learning programs are expected to bring their device to summer programs each day. If families need support using their device or troubleshooting technical issues, they should call 425-408-7631 or create a help ticket at http://go.nsd.org/studenttechhelp.

Families who wish not to keep a device over the summer need to complete this opt out form.

Families may not need or want to take their student’s device home over the summer. Families who wish to opt out of keeping their student’s assigned device will need to indicate that they are “opting out” by completing this form by June 10th: https://go.nsd.org/optout . This form will help our staff to plan efficiently for sending devices home for summer learning. When students return to school in the Fall, any student who does not have an assigned device will be assigned one for school year learning.

Withdrawing students must turn in devices by June 15th

Families who are withdrawing from Northshore are expected to return any technology devices assigned to their student, including computers, tablets, hotspots and all accessories such as bags and chargers. Our school will be collecting devices on Wednesday, June 15th. Withdrawing students who do not return their devices and accessories will be issued a fine for replacement.

ASB Food Drive

Dear East Ridge Families,

ASB is having a food drive benefiting the Woodinville Storehouse Food Bank from June 6th - June 10th.

You can donate non-perishable items, here are some ideas to donate:

  • Beans. Canned or dried beans such as garbanzo beans, pinto beans, black beans, red kidney beans, and lima beans

  • Canned meats, poultry and fish

  • Canned vegetables

  • Canned fruits

  • Pastas

  • Rice

  • Other grains such as quinoa, oats,

To make our donation event even more fun we are creating a poll. A poll is when someone asks a group of people a question and they give their opinion on it. The poll we will be doing to kick off the summer is:

Do you like the Ocean or the Pool better?

Each canned food item will count as one vote. Each Foyer will have two boxes in the foyer; one box for OCEAN and the other for POOL.

Why are we donating right before the summer? Well, in the winter, donations are very high, but in the summer the banks don’t receive many donations. With schools out for the summer, it’s hard for food banks to help other people in need who don’t have a lot of food.

Remember that the drive is running June 6th - June 10th. This is our last donation…please support ASB and donate one last time this school year! Thank you!

ASB Last Week of School Spirit Week

Monday June 13 - East Ridge Colors
Tuesday June 14 - Neon/Bright Colors
Wednesday June 15 - Wear Your Teacher’s Favorite Color
Thursday June 16 - Wacky Hair
Friday June 17 - Vacation/Travel/Beach Day

COVID Communication

Dear East Ridge Parent or Guardian,

In support of school community safety, it is our goal to provide strong communication. This includes notification of any positive COVID test of a person at our school. I am writing to inform you that four people in our school recently tested positive. If a person who tested positive is in your child's class, you received a separate email.

The individual with COVID-19 will not be able to return to school until after their contagious period has passed. This period is 5 days after the start of symptoms and 24 hours after fever and symptoms improve without the use of medications. The individual will be required to wear a mask at school on days 6-10 (unless they receive a negative rapid antigen test).

You can find Northshore School District COVID information here.

It is recommended that all families continue to monitor their child for symptoms of COVID-19. If your child develops symptoms, please contact your healthcare provider and ask that your child receive testing for COVID-19. Testing is also available for NSD students with symptoms at Pop Keeney Stadium: click here for hour and appointment information.

We understand receiving information about positive cases can cause concern for families. We continue to implement consistent safety protocols at East Ridge in support of the well-being of our students, staff, and families. We appreciate your ongoing partnership and trust in this effort.

Kind Regards,

Sarah White

Principal/COVID Supervisor

East Ridge Elementary

Are you moving?

If your family is planning to move out of the East Ridge service area over the summer vacation, PLEASE let the office know as soon as possible. This will help us to have a more accurate enrollment count as well as make our preliminary placement and balancing of the class/student groupings as accurate as possible. eroffice@nsd.org

Planning for 2022-23 School Year

Are you planning vacation for the next school year? Please use this district calendar to aid in planning your escape and to minimize absences from school.


Thank you for returning all library books as soon as possible. This helps us prepare the library for the summer and for next fall.

Back to School - Things to Know…

  • Meet the Teacher: Thursday, August 25th at 3pm

  • The first day of school for grades 1-5 is August 31.

  • ​Kindergartners - During the first weeks of school, three days are scheduled for Kindergarten families to meet with teachers. These are the WAKids Conference days and will be held on August 31, September 1 and 2. Additionally, there will be a staggered start on September 6 & 7 with half of kindergartners attending one day and half the next day. All kindergartners attend September 8.

  • Class placement letters- ParentVue is the only method we will be using to release class assignments in August. Please be sure you are able to access ParentVue. We will not be mailing letters with placement information this year. Don’t wait! Contact Rae Shepherd (rshepherd@nsd.org) if you are having any trouble signing in.

  • Bus routes and stops will be posted on the E-Link 2 weeks before school starts. Bus routes will not be mailed out. http://versatrans.nsd.org/elinkrp/Students/BasicTransBoundarySearch.aspx

  • A basic Student Supply List will be available on our website. Please wait until after school has started to buy supplies other than those on the list.

Nurse's Corner

End of Year and Planning for Next Year - Planning has begun for summer closure of the health room and preparing for next year’s incoming students with health concerns. Parents/students please note the following:

Medications and Medication Pick Up:

Medications your child may have leftover at school will need to get home in a safe manner. Please make arrangements with Nurse Gerry to pick up any medication(s) at school on or before the last day of school on June 17,2022.

  • Any medications left at East Ridge after Friday, June 17 at 3:00 pm will be destroyed (includes emergency medications for seizures, diabetes, EPI Pens, as well as daily and as needed medications).

  • Please note that some medications cannot go home with students and will need to be picked up by a parent (ADHD, seizure medications, etc).

  • Medications can be picked up during the school hours of 8:45am-4:00 pm the week of June 13 – 17, 2022. Contact the Nurse Gerry if other pickup arrangements need to be made.

If your child needs to have medications during school hours next year, a completed Medication Authorization Form is needed. Forms should to have a start date of 8/31/22 and check the End of School Year box. Forms need to be completed before school starts in the fall, 8/31/22. Please bring the completed form and medication in a properly labeled, original container before school begins.

Life Threatening Medications:

Students who have Life Threatening Conditions will need to make plans over the summer to have Emergency Medications with physician’s orders at school and ready before the first day of school. Letters will be sent home in June for those students who currently have Emergency Care Plans in place and will include all necessary forms to be completed for next fall. Please contact the school nurse if you need assistance with forms or have questions. (425-408-4406 or gcullins@nsd.org).

Immunizations for 2022- 2023

Please make sure student immunizations (Grade K-6) are up to date and on file in the Health Room.

Immunizations Needed for Incoming New Students/Kindergarteners:

  • DTaP/DT/Tdap: need 5 doses unless 4th dose after 4 years of age.

  • IVP (polio): Need 4 doses with 4th dose being after 4 years of age.

  • Hepatitis B series (3 immunizations): 8 weeks between dose 1 and 2, 8 weeks between dose 2 and three but dose 3 needs to be given AFTER 24 weeks of age to be valid.

  • MMR (Measles, Mumps and Rubella): Need 2 doses (if not given on the same day as other live virus immunization, there needs to be 28 days between to be valid).

  • Varicella: Need two doses (if not given on the same day as other live virus immunization, there needs to be 28 days between to be valid). If a student already had Chickenpox, a MD verification or positive titter is needed..

  • Tdap is now due prior to the start of 7th grade instead of 6th grade (as of August 1, 2020).

For complete vaccine requirement information go to: · http://www.doh.wa.gov/CommunityandEnvironment/Schools/Immunization/VaccineRequirements) · https://resources.finalsite.net/images/v1644875581/nsdorg/lxraz9kdq3ylapz43d4y/Immunization-Requirements.pdf

The school nurse will be working in the health room starting August 23rd (Non-student days) and will be available to drop off medications/physician orders or review emergency care plans for students with life threatening conditions or address any other parent concerns. Parents are welcome to call ahead to check scheduling drop offs, 425-408-4406 or gcullins@nsd.org. Medication/physician orders can also be faxed ahead to 425-408-4402, attention: the school nurse.

Kindergarten Registration Open - Register ASAP!

Kindergarten registration for fall has opened. Please register your student ASAP and encourage your friends and neighbors who have kindergarten-age children to register. The earlier families register, the earlier we can secure the number of kindergarten teachers we need!

Registration is online at: https://www.nsd.org/schools/get-started/enrollment.

Children entering kindergarten in September 2022 should have turned five years old by August 31, 2022. If you have questions, please call the office at 425.408.4400.

To register your child for kindergarten, you will need the following documents:

  • Proof of residency (rental agreement, utility bill, mortgage statement)

  • Your child's birth certificate, passport or other proof of birthdate

  • Immunization records

  • Names and phone numbers of emergency contacts

East Ridge will host a virtual Kindergarten Information Night on Tuesday, June 14th at 7pm.

Early Learning Programs

NSD is now accepting applications for the 2022-23 school year for our

Tuition-Free Early Learning programs for income eligible families!

The Northshore School District is proud to offer multiple early learning programs that are free of charge for income-eligible families. The three Early Childhood Education Programs include Head Start, ECEAP (Early Childhood Education and Assistance Program) and Ready Start.

Eligibility for our programs is determined by the child's age, family income and circumstances.

Children must turn 3 years of age by August 31st, 2022 to be considered for the 2022-23 school year.

Please contact one of our Family Support Specialists with any questions and to start the application process.

For more information about our programs and to download a copy of our application

(in English and Spanish) please follow this link:


Please contact 425-408-6013 with any questions.

Sunshine Slips

Congratulations to the following students who have been caught demonstrating our East Ridge Expectation Pillars: Being Kind, Being Respectful, Being Responsible, and Being Safe.

  • Delphina B. in Mrs. Oliver's room for being kind in PE.

  • Bella Z. in Mrs. Anderson's room for being responsible and ready to learn.

  • Jack K. in Mrs. Reed's room for being kind.

  • Liam W. in Ms. Dickens' room for being responsible.

  • Mallory B. in Mrs. Morris' room for being kind and helping to put away books.

  • Becket W. in Mrs Hill's room for being responsible.

  • Dominic D. in Mrs. Harrer's room for being a responsible writing rockstar.

  • Noah G. in Ms. Schmidt's room for being super responsible.

  • Elijah G. in Mrs. Sullivan's room for being responsible and working hard.

  • Mason B. in Ms. Fawcett's room for being kind .

The Golden Dustpan goes to Mrs. Anderson’s class! Good job!

We’re proud of our Suns! Keep it up!

EAP Community

Do you have a student who is or will be receiving EAP services? We are looking to help connect families, both to foster social connections and for potential advocacy in the future. Anyone is welcome! If you have any interest in connecting, please reach out to Sara Howard at saravhoward@gmail.com.


The mission of East Ridge Elementary PTA is to enrich, encourage, and enlighten. We do this by providing a wide spectrum of educational programs and a network of support for our students and staff. To learn more, join, or donate, click the link: https://erpta.org/Page/Pta/PTAHome

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