The 2B Times

November Issue 5

Dear 2B Families,

We have certainly been keeping busy since our last issue! We are working hard at growing our brains in all subjects and have even been exploring our neighborhood in our investigation of "Rights, Rules, and Responsibilities." We are excited to begin Second Step next week during Morning Meeting to learn how to embody the learner profiles even more in practice with peacemaking skills.

  • In Math, we are on fire with measuring! In addition to using rulers, we have used meter sticks as well as tape measures as our standard measuring tools. We learned about how we want to use standardized units to measure rather than non-standardized units like paperclips because our measurements will not be consistent! However, we also learned how to make educated measurement estimations with our body parts. For example, the width of our pinky is 1 cm and when we open our arms wide, our wingspan is about 1 meter! We even measured the length of our classroom using our wingspan. We are about to wrap up this fun measuring unit and go back to expanding our foundational skills of using place value to help us when we regroup in addition and subtraction.
  • In Writing, we have begun writing our narratives! We did this first by focusing on a tiny topic. Then we talked about what personal elements should be in a narrative: characters, setting, 3 events, and personal reaction to wrap it all up. We are in the process of finishing and editing our narratives and can't wait to share it with you and celebrate our writing.
  • In Reading, we talked about the author's intention when we read, why do authors do what they do in their books? By paying attention to what the author wrote, how they wrote it, and why they wrote it or how it made us feel, we can better understand what the author wants us to feel or learn through his/her writing. This is really tough but as the Gritty Geckos, we have been trying so hard to find the author's intentions in our favorite books.
  • In inquiry, we did a neighborhood walk! In this neighborhood walk, we explored our community to locate signs that tells us certain rules that we have to follow. For example, we talked about if we think it is important to follow the rule of traffic lights. We also talked about what leaders have to do with what we saw on our walk, what would happen if we didn't have these signs and how these signs benefit people.

Important Announcements

  • Wednesday, November 25: Early Dismissal at 1:30pm
  • Thursday, November 26 - Friday November 27: Thanksgiving Recess (No School)

  • During the week of November 30th, 2B families are invited to come upstairs to drop their students off in the classroom. This gives families a chance to see the room, students and what we have been working on!

Caring Student of the Month

For the month of October, BPCS focused on a school-wide learner profile: caring. Maeva and Adrian exemplifies what it means to be a caring student at BPCS.

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A Science Update From Ms. Rosabal!

The Gritty Geckoes have been learning all about the stuff that is on top of the Earth's crust--soil! They've learned that soil is incredibly diverse, containing air, water, living and non-living animals, even fungi and bacteria! Through both hands-on exploration and tech-based lessons, the Gritty Geckoes have really "dug deep" (tee hee) on this topic lately, and have done some amazing thinking!

Because the Gritty Geckoes have done such an outstanding job honoring our Science Room Technology Expectations (which basically entail using only the app directed by the teacher and treating the devices with respect) they have been able to explore a new app choice as part of their Tech Thursdays: Keyboarding Without Tears! In spite of the self-deprecating name, this excellent tool trains students' brains and builds manual dexterity in the service of one day learning to type on a keyboard. It has been so impressive and exciting seeing the maturity and responsibility with which the Gritty Geckoes rise to the occasion in Science class!

Keeping the Beat in Music Class!

Many weeks of hard work are starting to pay off as we held our final dress rehearsal for our upcoming performance of "Marching Band". We are looking forward to presenting our work to the BPCS High School Choir when they come to visit us later in the month. Although we still have next week to practice and perfect our routine - check out our progress to date! If you are interested in seeing the original video of "Marching Band" you can view it here:

P.E Update from Coach M

Swimming on Monday's is going great! We have 5 more lessons left!!!!!!!!!

Check out a few pictures and a video of 2B exercising with another P.E class via youtube!

password to watch the video below is : 2bkids


WOW!! Artists are amazing!! Mr. Saunders asked, "Can our 2nd graders make a map of the world?" and they responded, "YES!! Our map will be super special!" We'll show how life on each continent differs from others.

For the last few weeks, 2nd grade artists have been working hard to research and learn about the continents. In class they work in stations to decide what viewers should know about a continent. Some artists create painted papers for our project while others collage papers into oceans and continents. Extra special contributions to the map come from photos, ideas, artifacts that artists bring in via homework.

THANK YOU for taking time to speak with your artist about the continents! You can continue to support them by asking them to identify the seven continents. Ask them the difference between a continent and a country? What continent is also a country? (Australia) Beyond that, the conversation becomes much more interesting!! I hope you are game —and judging by the homework your artists brought in, I think you are! : )

Each class is researching two continents. So for 2B, their first continent of study was Europe. Now they are researching Asia. Please take some time to talk about how diverse Asia is and then, maybe, how the culture in some parts of Asia is the same (or different ) from Europe. I understand this is very challenging given the size and diversity of both continents. The goal is to give all students a welcome understanding of all continents. Many thanks!!

BPCS Food Policy

Brooklyn Prospect Charter School believes that no student should go hungry throughout the school day. As such, if a student requests any meal (breakfast, snack, and/or lunch), that student will be served and their meal account will be charged with the expectation that all charges be paid in full by the student's family each billing cycle. To stay apprised of your student's meal account, families may log into TeacherEase to obtain up-to-date information. We strongly encourage families to prepay for meals and/or provide students with meals each day to avoid any unexpected charges. In addition, if you believe that you qualify for free or reduced meal status, please complete and submit an application as soon as possible. To request an application, contact our main number at 718-722-7634.