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Acton Weekly Update 8/3/18

FTCSC Hedgehog Focus

The Hedgehog Concept is based on an ancient Greek parable that states, "The fox knows many things, but the hedgehog knows one big thing." ... Hedgehogs, however, simplify the world and focus on a single, overarching vision, which they then achieve.

Big picture
Big picture

Emergency Management Plans

1. In your mailbox you will find 2 copies of the UPDATED EMP plans.

  • The glossy sheet is for you to HANG UP near your classroom door.
  • The second sheet is for your handbook.

Please review the EMP plan with class.
We will have our Police Officers train us on the updated plans on September 12th during our Collaboration Time.

They will also meet with all students in the cafeteria that morning to practice EMP procedures in the cafeteria.

2. In your mailbox you will find a blank school map and directions on how to rewrite your evacuation route and shelter in place locations. We will need to have two evacuation routes identified on the new maps and the routes must be highlighted and written out. If you use your current map to write your first route and then decide on the second fasted route and highlight/ write it out and turn it into KRISSY, she will type these out and give you back a laminated copy. Leave your old map up until you receive your map back. All maps are due to Krissy by August 13th. (ignore the August 3rd deadline on the sheet)

3. All classrooms need either a curtain or paper covering the internal window (between classroom and hallway) that can be easily closed during a lock-out. All curtains MUST be sprayed with a fire retardant spray and documented. In the next couple of weeks, I'll come around to spray these.


  1. Please contribute to the coffee usage in the staff lounge. Please donate a bag or container of coffee that can be shared with your colleagues. Donations can be placed in the cabinets in above the coffee pots.
  2. Don't forget to turn in your $40 donation for the FUN committee. Donations can be made $20 each semester or $40 now. Donations go towards funeral flowers, celebrations and supporting our families in times of need. When you make your donation, you may wear jeans on Fridays.
  3. Anyone needing keys or a replacement key must let Sarah Poole know by Monday, August 6th. We will be placing an order with buildings.
  4. Please log onto your esuites account this weekend to update your personal and emergency contact information. All updates must be made by August 13th.
  5. Please get your Safe Schools videos and quizzes done BEFORE the deadline!
  6. Please keep hallways clear of clutter, furniture and containers.
  7. Please keep all community works spaces clean and clear of papers, mugs, trash, etc. We take pride in our school!
  8. If you receive a note, phone call or email about student transportation, you MUST update the transportation log on the google drive AND send a note up to Krissy. She is the gatekeeper of dismissal and must be informed of all changes.

Ohana Calandar

Monday 8/6/18

  • Emergency Drills 9:30 AM-- We will do Evacuation, then Lock Out, then Lock Down. We will wait on the NEW (last) part until our safety meeting in September.

Tuesday 8/7/18

  • Collaboration- Daily 5 Read to Self- Classroom Teachers, RA and SS- Social Skills Development
  • 6:30 PTO Meeting- LGI Room
  • 5:30-8:00 National Night Out -Really Cool Community Event for all families. There will be all different community resources here on display.
Wednesday 8/10/18

  • Collaboration:Classroom Teachers- 3-5 CFA PreTest Analysis/Planning, K-2 New Student Data and Preparing for DIBELS BOY Window, Special Services/ Related Arts Staff- Social Skills Planning

Thursday 8/9/18

  • Culture Team Meeting 8:15 AM in the Conference Room
  • Grade Level Meetings- RA Time
  • Hearing Screenings

Friday 8/10/18

  • Bus Safety Talks- LGI and Library
LGI Room

First Grade--10:00-10:40

Second Grade--10:45-11:25


Third Grade--9:00-9:40

Fourth Grade 9:45-10:25

Fifth Grade 10:30-11:15

------ Acton Family Picnic- Join our families on the playground for a Back To School Picnic- Good food and good times!

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