"It's not that we use technology, we live technology."


Technology can be useful in some ways but useless in other ways. It's useful because what if you need to do some research for school? The internet has everything! Now what if your grandma is in New York and you're in Toronto? You can call or text her with technology. What if you're bored and tired? Your phone, laptop or tv will be there to entertain you! Remember to use technology APPROPRIATELY at the right time. Like for research and information if you're at school and maybe some games or videos if you're at home!



We all know technology is a great tool in life but you still need to be careful. Technology is evolving like inventing new ways to hack into computers and delete files. There are also dangerous people out there that want your information from social media. We need to know how to stay safe. Here are some ways you can stay safe or help others stay safe:

- Don't give out your information on social media or to a stranger online

- Report any type of cyberbullying to a parent or teacher

- Don't communicate with strangers over the internet

Now You Can Be Internet Safe!

Congratulations, now you know all these amazing tips about using the internet! Go out there and be safe! :)

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