by: Vance Anderson

this is the site for people who want to sleep

there so many ways to help you sleep and why people cant sleep

the ways to keep you from sleeping

  • people stress right before bed
  • they think about the next day
  • slept to long through out the day
  • only have the negative things stuck in their head worrying them

not sleeping and sleeping

questions about lack of sleep and overcoming it

people usually ask frequently is why cant I sleep and how do stop being restless

people will usually think about the future or the negative things before they sleep

just think about something positive to help have better sleep and not so much waking up in the middle of the night

beautiful sleep with friends

ways of good sleep

try to get comfortable before sleeping.

do something to keep you positive about things.

think of relaxing and don't think about anything else

turn off electronics so they don't keep you up