Down syndrome aka Trisomy 21

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Caused by nondisjunction and chromosomes 21 is affected

Some of the symptoms are for example: flattened facial features, a smaller head, a short neck, protruding tongue, upward slanting eyes, small or unusually shaped ears, not very strong, smalls hands with single crease in palm, short fingers with small hands and feet, very flexible, shortness.

Two prenatal test for this disorder are amniocentesis and chorionic villus sampling

Anyone can be a candidate but you have a higher chance of getting it the older your mother is.

About 400,000 in just the USA that have downs

The medical assistance they can is a physical, speech, and occupational therapist, or a special education teacher.

Most cases are not inherited

As the child gets older they will most likely end up living in a community home for others like them.

Most of people diagnosed with this will live up to 6 years but will need much assistance their whole life.

The only type of treatment are different type of therapies but no cure.

There is not preventing down syndrome but the longer you wait to have a child, the higher your chances will get.

They can have children but the fertility rate will be reduced.

The down syndrome person's child could have down syndrome too but they are at a risk of more issues.

They are exploring more on how they think and work

Physical therapy or speech therapy are the types of treatments