Digital Teaching and Learning

October 6, 2021

What is Clever?

Digital tools and resources are constantly evolving, making it possible for educators and students to collaborate, create, and share ideas more easily than ever. In addition to their instructional benefit, tools must also be considered for their safety and security. It is everyone’s responsibility to ensure that our student data and privacy is adequately protected when using online educational resources.

Meet Clever: Clever is an instructional portal that curates digital tools and online educational resources into one access point that allows for Single Sign On and in many cases rostering of class lists.

With Clever, students and staff can safely access and use HCPS approved digital tools and resources from one easy location.

Find Clever through itslearning. Login to itslearning and locate the link for Clever across the top menu of options.

Watch the Introducing Clever video to learn more about accessing Clever and the basic organization and navigation of the program.

What district-subscribed digital tools and resources are available in Clever?

The District Subscriptions & HCPS links provide access to digital tools and resources that include library media resources, curriculum apps, and instructional tools. Also found in Clever are tools that provide a free level of access. These tools have been reviewed and are available for school purchase if the capabilities of the free options are maximized.

Watch the District Apps video to learn more about District Apps.

The evaluation and approval of digital tools and resources is an ongoing process. Visit the Instructional Technology Digital Tools & Resources SharePoint page for up to date information, training materials, and key contact information.

Can I recommend a digital tool or resource to be reviewed?

Yes! HCPS is engaging in the next cycle of the review process to build a technology toolkit that supports instruction, while meeting all legal requirements to ensure a secure environment and protect student privacy and data. This process will build a high-quality pool of web tools for classroom use, focused on endorsing a best tool that provides/solves a specific instructional purpose.

We invite teachers to submit web tools for consideration by Monday, October 25. Complete the Digital Tools & Resources Recommendation Form. If you need support completing the Form, please contact your School Librarian, Instructional Coach, or the Instructional Technology Team.

Questions regarding this information may be directed to Martha Barwick (

What are Classkick and Nearpod?

Review the Classkick and Nearpod Digital Teaching & Learning newsletters for more information about these district-subscribed tools.

Nearpod Professional Development Opportunities

Want to learn more about Nearpod? Attend one of the upcoming afterschool professional development opportunities. Register in Hector today.

What other digital tools are available?

Book Creator, Canva, Quizizz, Smore, and WeVideo are free apps that are available for use. Although apps are approved for use, and have subscriptions available for school-based purchase, access varies based on tool. Be sure to read the thorough directions on the SharePoint site.

Can I customize Clever?

Yes! Clever gives you different customization options. You can favorite specific web tools for quick access. You can also customize your Clever teacher page by creating categories, adding PDFs, links, and apps.

Watch the Customizing Clever video to learn more about customizing your Clever page.


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