Mary Kate Beasley

Childersburg High School: Class of 2016

About Me

My name is Mary Kate Beasley and I am a Senior at Childersburg High School. I live a faith based life spent with my family, friends, pastors, and shining examples I have met along the way. I have lived in Childersburg for six years where I have participated in many activities, made many friends, and made memories that will last forever.


A paramount characteristic is selflessness. Through my participation in positive activities throughout my community, I allow myself to help my community while unknowingly benefiting myself. I am an ambassador for the City of Childersburg, an ambassador for The Kingdom Alive Church, and a volunteer throughout the week at Childersburg Elementary School.
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Throughout my high school career, our school has steadily transformed with the integration of technology at a fast pace. I have had the opportunity to experience interaction and learn more about my skills and interests.


This year in English, I painted a ceiling tile using vocabulary from a book we read called "Night" by Elie WIesel. The book was focused on Wiesel's experiences in the Holocaust as a Jew. I was able to express my perspective on the book using colors and language.


In Law and Safety class taught by Mrs. Reeves; a former police officer, students learned how to take evidence at a crime scene, arrest suspects, clean a crime scene, and fight tactically. This not only gave me the ability to explore this as a job option, but also gave me insight on what it really takes to do the job.


Collaboration has been a wonderful attribute I have been able to adapt. In Earth and Space Science, students were put into groups. Each group was given a natural disaster. My group was given the disaster floods. We were required to teach our class on our subject (replacing our teacher), research survival help for those in flood danger, flood insurance, and making a newscast.

Critical Thinking

My Junior year, I wrote a report expressing the importance of privacy and freedom in my English Class. This was a significant activity for me because it required much bravery. I felt it was important for me to use my voice to express my opinions on the significance of offering people of same sex relationships respect and love- agree or not agree.

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The importance of a college education in alignment with my personal goals is very evident to me. I have made the decision to allow myself to experience self discovery, discipline, and a better insight on what I want to do in the endless amount of opportunity in our society. I have a college fund that will be able to help me significantly when I decide to go. Through the ARMY, I will be granted tuition after serving and the military would also provide me with the characteristics I am seeking before applying myself to school. The post 9/11 bill offers soldiers the option of paying $100 a month for a year to receive education while in the service before ever leaving. Although tuition will be covered, college is very expensive and will require investment on my end for personal utilities, ect. I plan on not investing my money on anything besides college even if that means saving it for a later degree. I would most likely go to The University of Alabama. With further research, I learned that the average GPA of students admitted are 3.6% and the average ACT score is a 26.


I am an avid writer, helper, and empathiser. I have been through circumstances in my life that give me the insight of the power of people and the things we do in society. It is necessary I apply the things I've learned to other young women, teenagers, and adults. I am not sure if this goal will be met directly through my career, or through hobby. I do know that by joining the Military, I will be given the opportunity to help myself, learn the importance of work ethic since I have not been taught how to provide for myself, and help people everyday. In order to join the Military, I must first pick a branch. I am involved with an Army recruiter and a Navy recruiter. Once I enlist, that is a permenant investment. I am going to take my time carefully choosing a branch. After choosing I will go to my physical, pick a job, and discuss when I will be arriving for Basic Training.


In my free time, I enjoy spending time in my church. I am a member of FUMC of Childersburg and a team member of Kingdom Alive church which I am currently playing a role in integrating. I volunteer in the library of Childersburg Elementary School and enjoy stepping out of myself to serve others to the best of my ability. Outside of school and church, I enjoy the art of conversation and building relationships with people who have similar experiences as me. I have received so many opportunities just by stepping out into the world and claiming my spot.
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"Your story is unique and so so different... and not worthy of comparison."