Battle of Berlin

This war was marked at the end of WW2 in Europe.

The War

This was a vital importance in the European countries, it may not have been the last battle in WW2 but it was a concluding one. In the four days of heaving fighting, the Soviets captured the position and had over 30,000 killed. This war concluded Hitler's death and completed military defeat, Germany ended this battle by surrendering. The silence after this war was labeled as "deafening".

Battle of Berlin Date and Location

The battle of Berlin was on April 16- May 2 1945 and was located in Berlin, Germany.

World War 2 Timeline

November 1st, 1918- WW1 comes to end and Germany is defeated.

April 28th, 1919- The League of Nations was founded.

June 28th, 1919- The Treaty of Versailles was signed.

July 29th, 1921- Leader, Adolf Hitler was designated to be leader of the Nazi Party.

November 8-9, 1923 – Hitler was placed in jail.

September 8th, 1926 – The League of Nations admits Germany.

Important Information

The battle ended in the Eastern Front and in Europe as a whole. Germany surrendered and in this war included Hitler's death. For the next few years Berlin worked on getting the country back together, and civil. Many lives were lost during this war.
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Soviet Storm: WW2 in the East - The Battle of Berlin (17 series)