Primary Points to Ponder

End of Year Procedures and Summer Info UPDATED 5/24/19

EOY Questions

Questions will be answered at the end of each day.


Please click and read every link to see if it pertains to you. Anything that says all staff, everyone must do even if you only answer 1 or 2 questions.

Check the Primary Events Calendar for Due Dates.

End of Year Checklist

This page must be printed and signed by all the people on it. This must be done before you leave on June 3. The finished paper will be turned into Evelyn.

Primary Calendar of Events

Check for specific dates for the End of May 2019. Click on the 2019-2020 tab at the bottom to see next year's events.

Please check your Pine Tree the first week of June, July, and August for updates.

Primary Instructional Supplies Inventory

Please update with supplies in your room. Add any supplies that are not on the list. Please label with your Classroom Set Labels.

Paras- All comp time must be used by the June 3. You can use it June 3rd to leave early.

Forms to Be Filled Out by All Staff

Room Prep for Summer Cleaning

1. Remove all student name tag from tables, chairs, etc.

2. Stack all chairs at the back of the classroom.

3. Label all furniture, tables, chairs, etc. with room number on tape. If your furniture is moving to a new room, label it with the new room number.

4. Cubbies may be used for storage.

5. If you have file cabinets to be moved, please unpack half of it, so that no one will injure

themselves trying to move it. Also, please place your new room number on all the boxes

to be moved.

6. If your storage cabinets are full, please place items in boxes with your new room number on it,

so that we can move your boxes as well.

Place extra supplies in the Art Lab Cabinets.

The building will be closed the month of July for cleaning. An email will be sent August 1st about opening.

CLI User Survey

This is due by June 4. Please fill out the survey and leave good feedback since this is a required assessment for us.

Links you need

Primary Dock

This page will have quick links to everything you need. Save it for easy access.

Primary Staff Notebook

This has just about everything you need!

2019-2020 Master Calendar

Add Preference Times to the End of Year Survey.

Education Grants Due May 24th!

Professional Development Opportunities

2019-2020 Summer Professional Development Form

Walker will put a copy in your box once approved. Staple copies of certificates and proof to turn in August 13.

District Summer Professional Development Calendar

Make sure you sign up on the district staff development page.

2019-2020 Summer Professional Development Dates

New Teachers- August 5, 6, 7, 8- This will be district training. You may attend more if you would like.

New Teachers will need Ecoland Training through Region 7.

Prekindergarten- Choose 3 days from Region 7 or another conference based on your needs. Walker or Parsons will approve them.

Possible Curriculum Writing or F&P Resources


Math Training-July 24

Kinder Camp Prep

New TEKS Training- June 4 with Pine Tree or pick New TEKS Training from Region 7

Choose a day from Region 7 or another conference based on your needs.

Possible Curriculum Writing or F&P Resources

Summer Professional Development Spreadsheet

Please keep your copies of certificates to turn in. If the days change, just have copies of what you did different.

District Required Trainings

This will be renewed every 3 years.

SIOP Texas Gateway Training

New 2019-2020 staff who work directly with students must complete this training.

ELPS Academy

All staff who work directly with students must complete this training by December 19

Project ETELL Registration

This is a route to begun ESL or bilingual certified with no cost to you. We are wanting all teacher ESL certified in the 2019-2020 school year.

Ecoland Certification Training

New Teachers who haven't had training must do this. We go twice a year.

Other Information

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Rivet App

We are asking this to be added to all student ipads.