Grasshopper Knowledge

By Clarisa

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Name of Bug

The scientific name for the grasshopper is Caelifera.


Grasshoppers can be found in gardens,

fields, crops, and forests. They like to hide in habitats that match their color so they can hide.

Food and Diet

They are herbivores, which means they eat plants.


Grasshoppers jump, fly and walk.

Life Cycle

Grasshoppers have 3 stages of the life cycle. (Egg, Larvae, and Grasshopper) They lay eggs in the Fall and they hatch in the Spring. Sadly, grasshoppers only live about 1 year.
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Grasshoppers have many colors but are mostly green. They have two wings. The wings are the size of a kids' finger. Grasshoppers have two large eyes and six legs.


Grasshoppers can spray predators. This helps them with defense. They have good hearing so they hear predators from a long distance. They have strong legs to help them jump away from danger. Camouflage helps them blend in to their environment to hide. They use their sharp jaws to bite enemies and their food.

Intersting Facts

Grasshopper look like they have no ears, but they can actually hear very well. They have five eyes .They shed their skin. They jump 20 times their body size. There are over 18,000 species. Grasshoppers live world wide.


Humans, birds, bigger insects, reptiles, amphibians, and fish are enemies of the grasshopper.

My Grasshopper House

I designed this house/habitat for my client, the grasshopper. I have many places in my house. I have a ladder, a secret room, a jumping out ledge. If you look closely, you will notice the house looks like a giant grasshopper.