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Back to school Info/August 19

School Hours

What are the school hours at Peine Ridge?

Students ONLY can enter the building at 8:05 a.m. Do not drop students off prior to this time. Students shouldn't be let out of cars until Peine Ridge Staff are outside at Parent Drop Off. No families should exit cars at any point to hang out outside of cars.

School Starts: 8:20 a.m.

School Ends 3:20 p.m.

Office Hours: 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

What is the calendar for 20-21 school year?

What are the Back to School Dates for 20-21 year?

Can we eat lunch with our children?

No, WSD is not allowing any visitors during COVID.

Are we able to send in birthday treats?

No outside food can be brought in to share. Please utilize child nutrition or bring in a pencil or other celebratory item.

How will parents pick up a child early if needed?

Regular school attendance is critical to your child’s success at school. If you are picking up your child early from school, please note that students will not be dismissed from classrooms between 3:00 p.m. and 3:20 p.m. During this time, you will need to pick your child up using the Parent Pick Up line.

Family members who arrive at school to pick up a child should call the main office and wait in their car (636-327-5110). The PRE Staff will bring the child out, check identification, and release the child to go home. There will be NO ENTRY to the building to pick up students.

How will parents pick up children if sick during 2020-2021?

Family members who arrive at school to pick up a sick child should call the main office and wait in the car. The nurse will bring the sick child out, check identification, and release the child to go home. There will be NO ENTRY to the building to pick up students.

What if I need to make changes to my child's transportation during the school day?

Changes to your child’s dismissal/transportation plans need to be communicated to the teacher AND the main office. If you need to make an occasional transportation change (car rider instead of the bus, etc.) you must send a note to your child’s teacher. If that is not possible, you may call the office on the day of the change before 2:00 p.m. so the office staff has adequate time to notify your child’s teacher​. You must provide a note or call each day that you want your child to go home in a different manner than usual.

What if my child is late arriving to school?

Once the sign on the front-drive is turned to tell you that you have arrived late, you will need to call the main office. Do not have your student exit the car and walk in by him/herself. An office staff member will ask you questions and give you further directions. Parents may not walk into or up to the building to sign the student in during this time.

Can we walk our children in on the first day of school?

We ask that only Kindergarten and BRAND NEW to Peine students be walked down by a parent. This is like any typical year. If you choose to walk your student down we are limiting it to one adult and a mask MUST be worn at all times in the building. The mask must cover both Nose and Mouth. Parents may walk children to the door but not enter the classroom.

When will we find out transportation information?

  • Transportation information was emailed on August 12, 2020

When will we find out our teacher for next year?

  • This information was sent, August 18, 2020
  • You will need to login to Parent Portal to find out.

How do I use Parent Portal?

What are the school supplies for 20-21?

  • School Supply Lists
  • Please read information from your child's teacher in regard to supplies and what to bring in when.

How can I fill out my volunteer form for the 20-21 school year?

  • At this time, we are not filling these out. If the status changes in the District and volunteers are able to be in the building, we will then send out forms to be filled out for those who are interested.


Your child's classroom teacher will be communicating in email with you a link to join him/her virtually for Meet the Teacher.

During Meet the Teacher, your child's teacher will share information about the class, give a virtual tour of the classroom, and explain what supplies are needed to be brought on the first day of school. We do not want all supplies brought on the first day of school.

Arrival and Dismissal Procedures- IMPORTANT UPDATES

Please click HERE for more details.

This is an important reminder of the drop-off and pick-up procedures that we will enforce for the safety and efficiency of the students and parents at Peine Ridge. Staff supervision and student drop-off begin at 8:05 a.m. If you arrive early, please wait with your child(ren) until 8:05 am to assure that they are supervised. Parents should not drop students off in the parking lot in order to avoid the drop-off line. Parents are not allowed to park in the parking lot and walk their children to the door (This is new due to COVID-19 restrictions).

***IMPORTANT *** Due to student safety, students who walk home from school will not be able to meet their parents at the front of the building. Parents will need to meet their children at the designated crosswalk. If you are picking up your child by car, then you need to utilize the splash station pick-up line.

Walkers- Walkers are defined as students who walk home on their own without a parent/guardian. These students will be dismissed and will either travel home alone or meet their parent/guardian at a designated crosswalk. The parking lot is not a designated crosswalk and is extremely dangerous for students to walk through unattended. Please do not bypass the carline for convenience and put your child and others in danger.

Walk-ups- PEINE RIDGE WILL NO LONGER HAVE parents park and then proceed to pick up their children. Students will either walk out to the designated sidewalk (Parents can meet their children there) or the students will be picked up through the car-rider line.

Car Riders- Car Riders are defined as students who will have parents/guardians who will utilize our car rider line to drive through and pick their child up. This is the most efficient way if a parent is coming to pick their child up. The line might look long but it moves quickly.

We will continue using the Splash Station access road to line up cars for drop-off and pick-up. Rather than entering on the Peine Ridge lot, cars will enter Splash Station’s entrance, loop around the back of Splash Station and form a double line on the access road in the morning and afternoon. Cars will take turns to get into a single line onto Peine property and pick-up their child(ren) as usual. The access road gates will be opened before 8 am in the morning and after bike riders and walkers leave in the afternoon.

A smooth and efficient procedure takes all of us working together. I appreciate and expect all parents to follow the outlined procedures.

Big picture

Have you added your family photo to the collection?

During the 2020-2021 school year, we will continue to add to our collage of framed photographs in our hallway. The students, staff, family, and visitors love being able to look up at these as they walk through the hallway. If you did not hand yours in or you are new to PRE, you may still do so but know they will not be hung up immediately. This takes a team of teachers and other volunteers to do this. If you hand a frame in now, it will go up but be patient. Each family may contribute only one 5x7 frame.

What type of frames are we looking for?

  • Must be 5x7

  • Photo can be vertical or horizontal

  • Black Wooden Frame is preferred.

  • Frames will be screwed into the wall. Please see the frame type we are looking for below. These frames hold up to be screwed into the wall.

  • Click Here for Exact Frame Type-for 5x7

  • Click Here for Exact Frame Type-8x10 are taken as donations and are used for frames of happenings at PRE



The store will be open now until Sunday August 23rd @ midnight! ‼️

🛒 To order - Visit our online store at:

Please check your orders very carefully! Since everything is custom made and ordered: All Sales are Final.

📩 Look out for an email 10-14 days after the store closes. We will monitor the Covid status and will let you know how your gear will be distributed at that time.

A portion of every purchase is donated to the Peine Ridge Elementary PTO! We very much appreciate your support and cannot wait to see all of your school spirit!

Do you see GREATNESS in the Peine Ridge Staff?

Sometimes we don't catch all the amazing work our staff is doing at Peine Ridge. If you have caught a staff member going above and beyond, please take a minute to use this link to tell us about it. Our plan is to shout out their greatness and of course give them a House Point or two for their shout out from you. For this, we want you to think of all staff from the office, teachers, support staff, cafeteria, recess aides, Chautauqua, and/or custodians.

We look forward to seeing what you greatness you see! Please click below to submit.

Click Here to Shout Out a PRE Staff Member

Thank you for taking the time to do this. It means a great deal to the staff.

CELL Phone Policy Reminders

Our school rules around cell phones will be the following:

  • Phones stay turned off during school day.

  • Phones remain in the backpack during school.

  • Students may not carry phones on them.

  • Teachers may require phones to be stored in phone holders in the classroom.

  • Teacher may give permission for it to be out, but all other rules apply when permission is not granted.

Students who fail to follow these guidelines will be sent to the office. Phones will be kept in the Principal's office for the remainder of the school day.


Ryan Andrews, Principal- ext 46224

Molly Molitor, Assistant Principal-ext 46228

Kelly Hickman, Principal Secretary- ext 46222