The Untold Story of Juanita Maxwell

By: Ariel Robinson Period: 2nd

Who is Juanita?

Juanita Maxell is a 36 year old and a mother of Two. Juanita worked as a hotel maid in Florida. Little did Maxwell know the danger that lived inside of her.

What Happened?

In 1979, 23 year old Juanita Maxwell was worked as a hotel maid in Fort Myers, Florida. In March 1979, 72-year-old hotel guest Inez Kelley was brutally murdered. She was beaten, bitten and choked to death. Maxwell was arrested because she had blood on her shoes and a scratch on her face. She claimed she had no idea what happened.

While awaiting trial, Maxwell saw a psychiatrist, and when she went to trial, she pleaded not guilty because she had multiple personalities. She had six personalities besides her own. The personality that killed Inez was named Wanda Weston.

Was Jaunita Arrested?

At her trial, the defense team, drew Wanda out on the stand. The judge thought that the transformation was quite remarkable. Juanita was a soft-spoken woman, but Wanda was flirtatious and liked violence. She laughed while she admitted to beating the senior citizen with a lamp over a disagreement about a pen. The judge was convinced that she either had multiple personalities or deserved an Academy Award. Outside the courtroom, her husband, Sammy, said he wanted his wife to remain in the hospital until she's better. Maxwell was sent to a psychiatric hospital, where she says she didn’t get proper treatment. She was released, but in 1988, she was again arrested, this time for robbing two banks. She again claimed Wanda did it. She was ordered to remain in the state hospital until she successfully completed treatment and experts could convince a judge it was safe to release her.

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