The Isabela State University, a globally recognized institution of higher learning for people empowerment and sustainable development embodying excellence, effectiveness, accountability and integrity.


The Isabela State University is committed to train and develop students to become professionally competent graduates who are equipped with sound moral principles; and to serve the community through research, extension and resource generation by way of inspired leadership and responsive manpower.


The Institute of Teacher Education is tasked to develop professional educators and train future teachers who are competent, caring, confident, committed and would contribute to the development of the community through education by:
1. Enhancing the qualification of educators for academic and professional development equipped with advanced training and educational innovations as well a research and extension capabilities; and
2. Preparing and developing highly qualified basic education teachers and skilled technologist through quality and well-rounded pre-service training in both academic and vocational fields for diverse communities of learners.

OBJECTIVES (Bachelor of Secondary and Elementary Education)

1. Posses wide range of theoretical and practical skills for an effective instructional delivery system;
2. Perform the necessary competencies needed in the different learning areas in the grade/secondary school;
3. Conduct action research for the improvement of instruction;
4. Undertake actual training experiences in community development through extension activities;
5. Create and innovate alternative teaching approaches;
6. Demonstrate and practice the professional and ethical requirements of the teaching profession; and
7. Demonstrate desirable Filipino values as a foundation for social citizenship participation.

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