Team 7 Newsletter

November 18-22

Math--Ms. McGehee

Ms. McGehee is on an extended absence due to illness. We hope she will be feeling better and able to return this week...we will keep our fingers crossed!

Language Arts--Mrs. Martin

This week we will begin working with a new text to help us answer the unit essential questions: What are the effects of irrational thinking? and How do events in characters' lives influence their point of view? Our second text for the quarter is Shirley Jackson's, "The Lottery."

Students should not have any homework this week, unless they do not finish assignments in class. Please check students' agendas for assignments.

Plans (subject to change)

Monday: Close reading of "The Lottery" to write a summary; small groups to library

Tuesday: Re-reading of the exposition; task cards for groups to complete analysis of this section of the reading

Wednesday: Re-reading of the rising action of "The Lottery" for analysis; practice close reading skills to analyze family structures in the story and create family trees

Thursday: (Sub for 2nd and 4th hours) Working with the same section of text for close reading; paragraph writing to explain the lottery's change over time

Friday: Re-reading of the ending of "The Lottery"; groups will work to analyze irony and foreshadowing in the story

Social Studies -- Mr. Beles

This past week in Geography, we completed our Socratic Seminar over the issues facing the Amazon rainforest. Overall the classes did very well! Most people who fully participated will receive most if not all of their points, and I think that students liked the activity as a whole.

This coming week will feature one of my favorite topics as we shift to the Eastern Hemisphere and to Europe. Since we do not want to overload students before a long break with info they may or may not remember after the holiday, we are going to specifically be focusing on some historical context, including World War I and World War II. Although this isn’t a history class like other grade levels, us Geo teachers have established that the two wars were worth the week because of the impacts that they had on the political and physical landscape of Europe. Both of the wars have caused ripple effects that we can study today. Specific activities per day are still to be determined, but we are working on taking away some notes, and adding some more fun stuff :)

Lastly, grades will be more updated this weekend, as I am about to load my car up with overflowing turn in trays. I will get those in ASAP, but I bet most students turned some things in. Any questions feel free to reach out as usual!

Monday: Alliances and World War I

Tuesday: WWI aftermath “to the victors go the spoils”

Wednesday: Rise of the Nazi party

Thursday: Escalation and World War II

Friday: WWII aftermath and effects

Science - Mrs. Brown

After looking at the endangered species of the world, in science, we will start looking at land, air, and water resources. Our ecology unit will continue until winter break. We are currently on Chapter 4 of our book.

Monday - Ch. 4 pre-test and start doodle notes

Tuesday - Ch. 4 doodle notes continued

Wednesday - looking at mining lab

Thursday - Land use quiz

Friday - Continue doodle notes for air pollution.

Have a great week!