Minutes from Muñoz

Halloween Edition!


I once heard from someone: "Experience is what you get when you don't get what you want". While we did not receive what we had wanted in our competitive season, the experience we have gained as a team is invaluable to our lives. Thank you parents, staff, and students for your commitment to this program and to the activity. We hope this has been a positively life changing experience for each of you!

And now....life after marching band begins!

Band Fees

All band fees are now past due. We are asking that you have your entire account paid up to date before November 16th. If you feel this is an impossibility be sure to contact our SBA Treasurer, Lisa Hiser to set up a payment plan. If there is no alternate payment plan in place (and no communication) we are expecting your account to be at $0 by November 16th!

With our losses at the invitational it will be imperative that we receive full payment before we move into winter season, we hope you've been able to take advantage of the numerous fundraisers given throughout the year and this isn't a problem, but please be wrapping your fees up quickly!

Senior Honors Dinner and Halftime Highlights awards ceremony

Our fall awards ceremony will be on TUESDAY NOVEMBER 6TH. This is different than I told some due to auditorium scheduling. The evening will proceed as follows:

5:30 pm - Senior Honors Dinner in the band room. Formal invitationals and RSVP's are being printed today for the kids to receive tomorrow (Wednesday). Please return by Monday at the very latest.

7:00 pm - Halftime Highlights and Awards ceremony in the Auditorium. All parents, families, and students should attend as each student is recognized and will receive patches for their jacket.

Pep Band!

Pep Band Sign ups are on Mr. Munoz's door! A paper copy of the schedule can be picked up in the band room, and a digital copy is in the Pep Band section of eastnoblebands.com

Concession Stands - a fundraiser for the HS band account

Each year, Mr Munoz is able to help his band account raise money by helping at the concession stands during basketball games. This helps pay for solo and ensemble, rewards for kids, percussion equipment, extra music, trumpet mutes, trombone mutes, etc.

We're in need of one parent per game and four students- would you be willing to help? If so email Mr. Munoz...here are the dates:

Thursday November 1st

Saturday November 3rd

Saturday November 23rd

Saturday December 1st

Saturday December 8th

Saturday December 15th

Saturday January 5th

Friday February 22nd


Any parent or student who works the events will have their name placed in a drawing. on Friday February 22nd I will draw two names and each will receive a $150 SBA credit!

Schedule For The Week of October 29th


Connect with us!

You can also sign up for our text message service by texting @enmkp (for Parents) or @enmk (for students) to 81010