Basics in Nutrition

& staying healthy By Rafay Khan

Getting started⁉️

Most people start eating healthy when their overweight or they just need different eating habits. Either way, this guild will tell you the right things you should consume on a daily basis and help you get healthier and fit.

Carbs and Fats‼️

Carbohydrate contain 4 grams of calories while Fats contain 9 grams. It's important to eat some Carbs a day like whole wheat bread and other grains. But Fats are also important for your diet as well. Carbs give your body the energy you need to start the day, but Fats store that energy within your body. If you don't eat at least one Fat a day, all that stored energy will go to waste. A good way to start your is to combine Carbs with fats, for example: Start your day with some fresh eggs and a side of whole wheat toast for breakfast.


Proteins contain 4 grams of calories. Proteins are very essential for your body and they are necessary to help keep your body in shape. Proteins are made of amino acids, these acids help build muscles and repair important body structures. They pretty much keep you alive and healthy. So it's best to eat some kind of meat like ham or fish during the day to have your share of proteins.

Vitamins and Minerals‼️

Vitamins: A- keeps eyes and skin healthy

D- promotes the absorption of calcium in bones and teeth

E- Protects cell membranes, and

K- keeps your blood healthy.

Minerals: Calcium- keeps your bones and teeth healthy, Iron- produces more hemoglobin, and Sodium- regulates water in cells. These should be used to keep you fit